Charlie Sheen Hosts "The Ultimate VIP Baseball Excursion"

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Charlie Sheen flew in a number of current and retired professional ball players for a party at his house this weekend.

No, not those kinds of ball players.

TMZ reports that the actor hosted a gathering on Friday night based around a viewing of the 1989 classic Major League. He flew in a number of athletes for the event, including  Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, Eddie Murray and Lenny Dykstra.

Below, cameras capture Sheen meeting World Series hero Brian Wilson at the airport:

The shindig - dubbed by the star as "The Ultimate VIP Baseball Excursion" - also included Major League writer/director, David S. Ward, along with the presentation of Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring, which Sheen apparently purchased at an auction years ago.

Sounds like a fun, harmless time was had by all. Perhaps the screening served a distraction for Sheen from the news that Kacey Jordan may have aborted the baby this pair possibly created together last month.


why does that girl think its ok to speak about that abortion so openly? Im not against it but when girls have them one after another. It makes me sick. Its been reported that she has had 6. Shes only like 21!


God get the fuck away from my Giants guys!! It's a new season and don't want you to tain them!!
Go mess up your own life and some porn stars, they don't matter!!


@sandi I kno right...I agree with you on everything!!!


Charlie's paying his publicist way too much money if these stupid shenanigans are the only thing he can come up with - oh, and the chocolate milk thing. ha ha ha! We'll see what's going on in another 6 months. It would have been a far better thing if he had had his actual children over to hang out with and then didn't have the cameras ready so he could exploit his children.


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