Charlie Sheen Does Not Hate Jewish People!

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In response to the decision by CBS to shut down production on Two and a Half Men this season, Charlie Sheen wrote/asked:

What does this say about Haim Levine after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me?

Why did the actor refer to creator Chuck Lorre by his Jewish name? Not because he's anti-Semitic, Sheen insists. He tells TMZ:

"I was referring to Chuck by his real name, because I wanted to address the man, not the bulls**t TV persona... you're telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?"

A couple important notes:

  1. Chuck's birth name is Charles Levine.
  2. To answer your question, Charlie: Yes. In the course of a diatribe against you as a human being, if someone addressed you in such a random manner - considering NO ONE on the planet refers to you by that moniker - then, yes, that individual would have an anti-Latino agenda.

With that matter settled, there's also this piece of news: Sheen texted Good Morning America today and said he plans to show up on the set of Two and a Half Men next week. That should be fun.


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Perhaps Mr Sheen might visit Yad Vashem he might become more sensitive as to how the Jewish people feel as I lost most of my family to the holocaust, and as I like chuck's work but he must learn!


I don't know if he is anti semitic but perhaps a trip to Yad Vashem might do him some good and perhaps teach him the errors of his ways!


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