CBS Responds to Charlie Sheen, Suspends Shooting on Two and a Half Men

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Two and a Half Men was scheduled to resume shooting on Monday. Then, Charlie Sheen opened his ridiculous mouth.

First, he went on a radio show and said all THIS. Then, he spoke to TMZ and challenged sitcom creator Chuck Lorre to a fight, saying:

"I violently hate Chaim Levine [Chuck Lorre].  He's a stupid, stupid little man and a p**sy punk that I'd never want to be like."

Such a Winner

Sheen continued: "That piece of s**t [Lorre] took money out of my pocket, my family's pocket, and, most importantly, my second family - my crew's pocket... you can tell him [Lorre] one thing. I own him."

In response, CBS and Warner Bros. have issued the following statement:

"Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season."

UPDATE: Naturally, Sheen has now fired back at Lorre. He's released this letter to TMZ:

What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows ... I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can't handle my power and can't handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words -- imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.

Remember these are my people ... not yours...we will continue on together.

The question must be asked, however: does Sheen have any fans remaining? You tell us!


Oh, and BRAVO @Leo... well said!


Wait, Charlie Sheen has been giving Lindsay Lohan advice??? Yeah, that's just what she needs... They need to vote people like this right off of the island and not look back... He's getting paid $2M an episode to act like a complete ass... Shame on him and his childish behavior-how many people are involved with "Two and a Half Men" that are now out of work--NOT the ones getting paid that huge sum of money, either... I think he's used up all his chances, he's a washed up, coked up, alcoholic, womanizing white hot mess... He needs cut loose from Hollywood and made to spend months in a rehab facility...not 28 days... not "Healing himself" either... what a crock of shit...


They will continue with the show once the station decides to. I respect Charlie for standing up for his crew. I work on another set and get treated like dirt. It feels good to know that someone in his position will put himself on the line for his crew. Thumbs up Charlie! I am behind you 100%


I love the show, Two and Half Men. I don't care what Mr. Sheen does outside the show. That is his business. You are punishing the fans of this show for his remarks, and ending a fantastic show. This is one of the few programs that I look forward to watching. Thanks for nothing.


Charlie Sheen is a douche and anyone defending him is one too. He thinks that his s*** doesn't stink and that he's a god. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for ruining his show. Are his co-stars going to thank him for ending the show? Probably not. He's been a douchebag for so long that it's pathetic. He should keep his opinions to himself because they're coming back to bite him in the a**. It's called karma bitch.


Charlie is doing what most people would do, Living his life and lashing out at those who do not agree with him. We do not know all of the circumstances of his life, we cannot judge him for having fun and including others in that fun. He goes to work and does a great job, he takes care of his ex-wives and his children, things most party animal type of people do not do.
You can pay escorts not to talk about situations that may or may not happen, Hollywood has been doing it for its entirety. We have priests and teachers, senators and executives who do so many worse things and we still allow our kids around them.
Personally I would party with him I bet he is a Riot to be around! I bet his energy is awesome.
So YES YES YES Charlie has fans! You Go Charlie. You nay want to choose different language when speaking of people you work with though, you should already know that people take offense at the smallest things..


My family loves this show and I would hate to see it end like this. Charlie is a great actor, but he needs to get clean for himself and his children. :(


Charlie Sheen is still cool...I still want to see his show return. BUT....I would love to see him and Chuck Louree get along, and make money, make funny shows, and not fight. This fight is not funny. Drugs and hot chicks...that was funny for a while, but when it turns angry and's time for Charlie to really stop, and really get sober...


yup! he got fans!


This is your brain on drugs kids...Scary huh? Up until now,as far as the show was concerned,Charlie Sheen's antics seemed to have no effect on viewership but I see that changing. He's a douchebag from way back but he seemed honest about it. He's always been a drug addicted sex fiend and never claimed otherwise. But this rant puts him over the edge into plainly crazy. He looks awaful and he's not exactly sought after in Hollywood anymore. Does he really think he is the last word on the show going on or not? He's not. Sounds like all the years of drugs finally ate away his brain. Too bad. I don't see any remaining part of the young,talented Charlie Sheen from way back. He's now a walking PSA for the bad effects of long term drug use.


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