Camille Grammer to Move to The Real Housewives of New York City?

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Bravo viewers might not have seen the last of Camille Grammer after all.

Despite strong rumors that this attention-starved nut job will exit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Radar Online now quotes a source that says she may simply move east and appear on The Real Housewives of New York City.

During the Reunion

"She would consider making a guest appearance or several appearances on the New York franchise, but it would have to be done in a way that wouldn't disrupt Camille's schedule with the children," the insider says.

Of course - as she continues to prove by publicly bashing their father - Camille can't make any decisions right now because she's too focused on her children, who the friend describes as Grammer's "number-one priority."

Also of importance to this self-centered irritant? Not being painted as a villain if she does switch franchises. Says the source:

"It bothers Camille that the producers and execs at Bravo want to bring her on the show to stir up the pot. Camille doesn't want to be known as that 'mean' girl anymore."


OMG I love Camille she would be great for NYC they really need help this season. Sonja Camille will run circles around you and do it with real class.


I like Camille. It's Kyle I can't tolerate. Taylor and Kyle are the real obnoxious attention seekers who are completely clueless to their own hateful actions. Wasn't Taylor a drup rep? I was one too with a big pharma company and I can tell you that it is a competitive cut throat industry so no wonder Taylor is so mean and competitive.


I felt the same way about Kyle. If she is that way in person, she isn't someone I respect. True, they would have defaulted to Kim if Camille had not been around. Taylor was also so clueless to bring up her issue with Kim at her birthday. A more gracious person would have set aside private time to broach that topic.


I like CAmille too! What would the show have been without her? She was Kyles first target, if she hadn't been there it would've been the nonstop abuse of Kim Richards... Jeez, I just can't stand Kyle, Taylor and Lisa Vanderpump. What a bunch of nasty, bullying, snarky, cruel old beyotches. Whenever I think of them lined up glaring at poor Kim on the finale, my blood starts to boil. Hope it comes back to each and every one of them. Kim had more class than any of those snobs.


I would think she was chosen to be in the Beverly Hills reality show because of her beauty, not because of her husband. I knew about her before I knew who her husband was. When I learned from the show who she was married to I could only remember that my favorite actor was David Hyde Pierce from the show Frasier. However I have mentioned Grammer as well as Drew Carey when I speak to orthodontic students about facial profiles that would greatly benefit from a Le Fort 3 maxillary advancement. Grammer is a perfect candidate to correct his midface deformity and the breakdown of his lower dental arch.


I like Camille.


If she does not want to be known as a nutjob or the mean girl anymore then all she has to do is stop acting like it. Simple solution really. She continues to say her kids are top priorty but has yet to act it.


Wow boner stfu. i dont even like the show so it doesnt matter if shess in ny or la

Wv peach

Oh jeez, just what the RHONY need...I think Ramona and Kelly are crazy enough for us all! LOL!


haha, hi camille! ;)

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