Brooke Mueller: Moving Closer to Charlie Sheen

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A source claims that Brooke Mueller is close to moving in to the same neighborhood as Charlie Sheen.

On one hand, this is a great idea because it means the couple's children will reside near their father. On the other hand... remember what happened when Sheen's daughters slept across the hall from him in the Plaza Hotel?

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Still, Sheen has extended what an insider describes as a "generous offer" to both Mueller and Denise Richards. hoping they move to a mansion within the gate community of Mullholland Estates.

"Brooke thinks its a great idea because Charlie can see their twin sons on a daily basis," a friend tells Radar Online. "It's much easier for Charlie to visit the twins if he is neighbors with Brooke."

Mueller currently resides with twins Bob and Max in Los Feliz, about 15 miles away from Sheen's home.

While being around an endless parade of porn stars might be a drawback to some, this source says the privacy of Mullholland Estates is a major appeal for Mueller: "The security and lack of paparazzi are very important... She is sick of the prying eyes she is subjected to at her current residence."

The former couple is reportedly working with a realtor to find Mueller a home in the area.

Richards, who has enough difficulty explaining Sheen's actions to their kids already, is unlikely to take the same route.


Both of these women were stupid enough to marry Charlie Sheen knowing full well who he was and his history. Fine, whatever, if they thought they could change him or make him a better person too bad for them. But why in the hell did they have kids with him? If they wanted to be delusional and think they could change him that is one thing but to add innocent children to the mix was just plain wrong!! Just makes me sick is all,knowing that these women knew who they were getting involved with and still had children by him knowing the guy is nowhere near decent dad material.

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