Britney Spears Music Video to Premiere Before Jersey Shore Next Week

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Good news, Britney Spears fans squirming in anticipation of her next music video. You need only wait but another seven days, eight hours and 50 minutes.

At 9:56 p.m. next Thursday night, just before an all-new episode of Jersey Shore, the much-anticipated video for "Hold It Against Me" will premiere on MTV.

Wow. For four minutes next week, MTV will actually play a music video!

Every day since last Friday, Spears has released a teaser trailer for the video, such as the one above (from yesterday). Quite the promotional concept.

From what we gather piecing together 5-10 second clips, this Britney Spears music video will feature - shockingly - shirtless men and pyrotechnics.

The video can't possibly live up to the hype, but then again, anything Britney does enjoys the unchecked adulation from her fans, so no one cares!


I aint excited about her new music video. . . . It so such a boring . . . . .

Joesr31 2 haters that comment bout the post even b4 the fans. well if her song is shitty like some said how the hell do she became famous in the first place? u may not like her but there are millions out there that like her. u may not be very excited bout that mv but many out there are waiting for her new song since 2008 her circus album there isnt any new songs...


Is there really someoe out there on the edge of their seat waiting for this? It's a pop music video what's the big deal? At least for the guys there is the fact that if the song sucks she will not be wearing much n the video.


It's so lame that the hype for this [shitty] video is so high. The frickin broad doesn't even sing live and she gets so much hype for doing so little. So she dances, big deal.. she has in no way earned what she has like so many other artists. Princess of Pop? Sickening, how the hell has she earned the right to be compared to Michael Jackson? She's NO WHERE near as great as he was. The world is fuckeeeed.


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