Brett Favre to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Jenn Sterger and NFL fans everywhere have seen as much of Brett Favre as they can stomach, but the man has many fans and know how to spark debate.

That's why one fellow Dancing With the Stars alum and NFL MVP would love to see him follow in his footsteps and shake his booty on the hit show this year.

Preferably without sexting pics of his junk during rehearsal.

"Let me think on what old retired NFL guy should join the show," Kurt Warner told PopEater. "Brett Favre. That's a good idea. Controversy is good for ratings."

Kurt, who made it within one episode of the finals in his appearance, previously criticized Favre for the off-field sexting shenanigans that dented his legacy.

"I do think [that] hurt his legacy to some degree," he said. "I do think people look at him differently now - at least in the short term - than five years ago."

A turn on DWTS could help restore his image ... but he'd have to be given a chance first, which a show source says has no chance in hell of happening.

"No way would [DWTS] want any part of Brett," the source said. "They love having colorful people but you have to remember this is a family show and not the right fit for someone accused of e-mailing private photos of himself to young ladies."

Sums it up well. Jenn Sterger might work, though. Wowza.

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The only girl Brett should be dancing with (and kissing her butt) is his wife, Deanna..........I have no idea why she has put up with him throughout the years except for the money.......that's the only good thing he is good at doing in my book - making tons of money he doesn't deserve


So Brett Favre is suddenly not "family" material enough for DWTS? What a joke!! They have had some real "great" role models on there, i.e. Hasselhoff (drunk), Delay (ex con), Anderson (sex tapes), etc... After the NFL did their extensive investigation, they could not conclude that Favre sent any pics of himself to Sterger, and yet he is treated like a leper? Favre is a beloved QB to many, and although I think it's too soon for him to be on DWTS (his ankle needs to heal first), in a year or two, he should be at the top of DWTS list if they want instant ratings...


Let's not overlook the co-host herself, Brooke Burke. Just Google and see how she got her start.


Or face planted into a cheeseburger with drunken puke face like the Hoff?


Correction: Money Laundering for Tom DeLay.


Or Pam Anderson who had a sex tape? Is that better?


Or as opposed to Tom DeLay who was sentenced to prison for embezzlement? Is he a better role model?


"They love having colorful people but you have to remember this is a family show and not the right fit for someone accused of e-mailing private photos of himself to young ladies." Really? As opposed to having someone on who attained celebrity through a Ray-J golden shower? Kimmy Kardashian anyone? I call BS on the source. DWTS will do anything for ratings.