Breaking Dawn Teaser Pic: The Isle of Esme...

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First, we got a glimpse at Bella passionately grasping at feathers in bed.

Then, we were treated to a hot photo of Edward and Bella getting it on.

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Now, for the third time, the studio behind Breaking Dawn has released a teaser photo to help fans get excited for this film's November 18 release. Take a look here at the Isle of Esme, the island on which Edward and Bella honeymoon. We somehow doubt they'll see a lot of its surroundings, though... if you know what we mean!


I think it's fantastic ... I can't wait


Vampfreak101 I agree with u skip school day I can't wait for November either


W.O.W..... beautifull place...


Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!I'm gonna insane if this year doesnt go on fast!!!!!.......CANT WAIT!!!!!
11/18/11 National Skip School Day:)


omfg!! i wish my boyfreind could take me some place like that! i cant wait till breaking dawn!! is it november yet?


I can't wait till breaking dawn come's out....I just wish there could be more I so can't get enough lol


Awesome =)