Breaking Dawn Casts Three More Actresses to Play Renesmee

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Mackenzie Foy can't do it all by herself.

This rising star has landed the key role of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, but viewers will see this daughter of Edward and Bella at various stages of her childhood. Therefore, while Foy will be on screen for a majority of the film, the following young actresses will also take on the role for brief periods of time:

Sierra Pitkin

Eliza Faria: The five-year old will portray the youngest version of Renesmee. Making her big screen debut.

Rachel St. Gelais: Appeared in The Blind Side. Will be the body of Renesmee at six years old.

Sierra Pitkin: Played a role in Juno and a bit part on Fringe. Will provide the oldest body for Mackenzie Foy's head in Breaking Dawn.

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Ok... Sooooo makenzie foy's head is going on all those little girls bodies. Got it. But i just hope it won't look weird. And mackenzie is. Defenitly the best pic for renesmee. She looks like an exact mix of edward and bella (or rob and kristen).:) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!:)


Kool they are so cute


I think they will figure things out I'm not going to get up set about this but it would be nice to get a good answer.


I hope they don't make her look too old just for convenience sake (big mistake in the Interview with the Vampire movie with Claudia - it totally ruined it for me.) Renesme is still very young, even at the end of the book...


I don't know about this. Mackenzie's head on all these body's?? I sure hope it looks real enough where we can't tell that it's really computer generated. And the 3rd girl's body is said to be used as the oldest body of Renesmee?? Well, I don't see why bc she looks not one bit older than Mackenzie Foy!! What't the point???


I've read that as a baby, Nessie will be CGI, and then they'll be using the body doubles with Makenzie's head.... I didn't realize that they were needing an older body though, at the most I thought from reading the book 4 times, Nessie would look to be about 7 which is one year younger than Makenzie.


I didn't get that they'd be sticking Mackenzie's head on any other bodies, but if you read the article for september and Jan as well then I can see where that idea came from.


Okay, I get what Kellie is saying. It would look weird to have Mackenzie's head on three different little girl's bodies and I don't think that all the "Special Effect" could work that out.


Kaitlyn is right they don't look enough like Mackenzie Foy to pay the same child in various stages of Reneseme's life.


That's great but where does Mackenzie Foy fit in if all the age slots are full? The other little girls are very pretty but Mackenzie seemed more suitable because she looks like both Edward and Bella?? And what about Reneseme as a baby?