Brazilian Taxi Driver Imitates Michael Jackson

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Make some room, Ted Williams. There's a new talented everyman going viral - and presumably he even has a roof over his head. Sorry, that was a low blow.

Anyway, you've got to see this Brazilian taxi driver doing a spot-on Michael Jackson impression on the job. You'll want to give him a $20 tip on a $7 fare.

Seriously, we mean spot-on. His rendition of "Billie Jean" is unreal good.

Hopefully the job offers start pouring in for this guy soon. If you told us he was the MJ impostor supposedly singing on "Breaking News," we'd believe it.


This guy is great!


Posts like this bgriehtn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.


OMG wow!!! he's ahmazing :)

Ashley barnard stone

Damn! He DOES sound like MJ!


Oh My goodness!! he really souns like michael well done that desereves a grammy! well done!!


Wea is M.J.?i khow he must warching him 4rm his tinted ride,n sayin "Wow*2 thats cool,"


Not too shabby! Would be better if he actually knew the words...just sayin'!


Someone give this guy a grammy, pls.


He kinda does sound good...

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