Beyonce in Blackface: Artistic or Awful?

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Featured in the 90th anniversary edition of French fashion magazine L'Officiel Paris, Beyonce finds herself at the center of a new controversy.

The singer/actress poses for the publication in African-inspired dresses and jewelry, honoring that region's artistic influences around the globe. But she also paints her face black, a move that has been met by criticism. In response, the magazine has released a statement that reads:

"The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season. As for the artistic make-up, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring."

Watch the following, behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial and then give your opinion on the scandal below.

What do you think? Beyonce in blackface is...


Hats off to LoLo and Kawbena! Totally agree with you! It is degrading to And only used as a way to make money and increase mag sales. No consideration given to how ones feelings could be hurt and one feel disrespected. It would not be acceptable for a white singer, actress, etc. To do blackface either. There should be no double standard just because it's beyonce.


she looks HORRIBLE & the fact that she performed for $ for Kadafi makes me not want to support anything she does. Used to be a fan, but she doesn't need the $ and performing for him is a disgusting thing to do. That goes for Usher, Jon Bon Jovi & Mariah Carey who did it too.


f*ck dis, she looks like a corpes

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