Best Buy Super Bowl Commercial: What's a Bieber?

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Three weeks prior to Super Bowl XLV, Justin Bieber Tweeted that he was filming a commercial, couldn't really tell followers what it entailed, but "when you guys find out it's gonna be funny as heck."

We found out last night. And the singer was correct. How so? This photo pretty much says it all.

In the Best Buy ad, Justin is featured in contrast to Ozzy Osbourne, who is out of touch with the latest technology. At the conclusion of the spot, the aging rocker asks:"What's a Bieber?!" A short, seemingly old man replies: "I don't know. It kind of looks like a girl."

But take a very close look below at the identity of the old man. Take away the beard, and the scraggly hair and who do you have?


i like jb so i think that commercial was funny


bieber is a new drug for birth control so kids dont come out looking like him


the dude that says i dnt no but it kind of looks like a girl is really jb as a hobo


This one was probably my fave all because Ozzy had to say what's a bieber? Damn I have been wondering that myself and now he said it!! Hilarious :)


more like sounds like and is a girl.


ok is that old man justin?? just curious...he kinda sounds alike but his faking his voice


OMG!! i LOVE this commercial - i watched it a million times!! Love u JB!!


Hahaha...i hate justin...but what he said was.....actually kinda true....

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