Ashley Williamson: Amber Portwood Slashed My Tires! Twice!

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Ashley Williamson, the reported new plaything of Gary Shirley, told police she believes Amber Portwood slashed the tires of her car twice in recent weeks.

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    Ashley Williamson formerly known as Netnapa Taenjamras under a Thai alias is the wife of Erik J C Young.
    Her mother Miram is the mother-in-law from hell who helped the church of scientology commit a terrible hate campaign against the writer falsely labelling him a pedophile.
    Mark Williams a Guildford Surrey solicitor knows the horrofic ordeal that Erik Young has endured including attempts upon his life with a professional hitman who tried to shoot him dead with a high velocity rifle in Bangkok three years ago.
    Miraim former wife of The Sultan of Brunei had a fixation on Erik Young when she was 19 years of age. I hate her guts it is her daughter who I married when she was 20 years old not her...

    her mother hiring people to turn her against me. I want Miriam killed for her human rights abuse crimes.


    Although it is a bad situation for the little girl , everyone seems to be forgetting amber was only a child her self when she had the baby and she is just acting out this way because she still has alot of growing up to do . Its alot of responsibility at this age and i feel sorry for her in away under the media glare and being portrayed in this light for entertainment so teenagers take on a mother roll well and some not so well people shouldn't be so hard on her and i agree she does need some help before she loses leah but i dont think she is the worlds worst mother at all .


    Amber potwood need help really bad. She need leaver her baby dad along.


    "teen moms" THIS LETTER IS TO AMBER: I think that u should be so ashamed of you're self and your behaviour! While the other girls are acting so cool and mature, and fighting for a good life for their babies, you are messing around with your baby and this poor guy Gary. Gary though is "lucky" he can run away, but your poor poor baby she can´t! I can't understand why the authorithy do not take u're baby from u, poor poor thing. I do not have words that describe what I feel when I´m watching u on this programme, and I know all people in the hole world are thinking like me! Let u're baby have a happy life, give her in adoption, at least one good thing you´ll done in your misserable life! Katja Braun Denmark! ps: to the other girls,; you are so cool, and u guys are intelligent persons, I really wish u all the best!


    Psychohontas wth do you call Gary? A tub o' lard


    Amber Portwood looks like Miss Piggy.

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