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All I have to say is that she can't change him, if he likes to be in a band rather than producing, then she should let him!! I mean, that is how he makes money.... right???

WTF, her music career tanked and as far as I know money DOESN'T grow on trees and you can't have Daddy Joe telling you how to negotiate your life forever.... so WTF she should be happy that Pete is bringing home the cash!!

Or MAYBE her residuals from "On a Monday, I am waiting... On Tuesday, I'm complaining.... On Wednesday, I'm wishing Pete was home by now........." by Friday, this B i t c h is a single mom!

SHe just needs to find herself another washed-up athlete like her big sis and keep listening to Daddy Joe's advice. Puke.


A job is a job. You shouldn't divorce someone because of that. He has a new band that he tours with. He even said "im taking my family with me". This is bullshit, whats the deal Ashlee Simpson?


How can he be touring when his band broke up a few months ago?

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