Another Health Scare for Bret Michaels

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Bret Michaels is okay. Let's get that important piece of information out there.

But the rocker did undergo yet another health scare last week, suffering through a massive drop in blood pressure in the days following his recent heart surgery. The cause was quickly determined, however, and Michaels is "fine," reports Dr. Mansour Assar.

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"It's always good for patients to be evaluated when they're not feeling well," he says.

Four days after a procedure to repair a hole in his heart, the rocker's blood pressure plunged. Tests revealed the issues was related to dehydration and exhaustion, more likely a result of his diabetes than the operation.

Michaels is resting comfortably at home in Arizona and excited for Super Bowl XLV. He's a Pennsylvania native and Steelers fan.


:( This poor guy just keeps running into problems! I really hope for his sake and for his families sake this will be the last thing he has to deal with. Feel better dude and keep resting up so you can be fully recovered for your wedding soon! Don't worry things are looking up for you, and after all this suffering you will be able to look ahead and having a great time with your family. I am so impressed with the wonderful job you are doing, you are such a fighter. And super impressed with Kristi too, she must be a pro at dealing with all of these crazy things by now and does a great job staying calm and getting help. (that is super important and has probably saved your life many times) good luck to the whole family and don't think we have any doubt that when you FINALLY get married you guys will be able to say with conviction that you will stand by each other "in sickness and in health"


What is this guy, he has like 10 lives!


This poor guy can't catch a break!! Please feel better and stay better for good really soon!! You are a real fighter!!! I think this goes without saying but drink lots of water and get lots of sleep!! You'll be better really soon!!


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