Anna Nicole Smith Opera: Actually in Existence!

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We really wish we were making this up.

But an opera based on the life, and premature death, of Anna Nicole Smith has opened in London. Titled "Anna Nicole," it premiered at the Royal Opera House last night and features Eva-Maria Westbroek in the lead role.

The New York Times actually referred to the performance as "deeply moving," while Mark Swed of The Los Angeles Times called it "a tawdry, if entertaining, opera... it was not until a beguiling orchestral interlude in the second act, and too late, that 'Anna' finally seemed worth taking seriously."

Talk about a surprising critique. The only thing we take seriously out of the sad Anna Nicole Smith drama is how much of a douche Larry Birkhead is.


Something about Anna Nicole's death struck me as very much unlike the typical Hollywood overdose but to this day I can't put my finger on exactly why. The woman certinally had more than her share of crazy but when she died and all the facts around her death came out I felt a bit sad for her. She died being a joke,and the people around her who claim to have loved her oh-so-much were using her and/or enabling and providing her with mass amounts of drugs.That is not love,that is keeping someone drugged up for fear of her kicking their ass to the curb if they don't do it. She was an adult who may have found another way to get drugs if those people stopped but no one will ever know. It's doubly sad for the daughter she left behind who will never know her mother except as a media joke.


Larry Birkhead is a greedy, sleazy ex paparazzo who intentionally impregnated mentally sick drug addict in order to become rich and famous. Everybody in Anna's entourage knew Birkhead was gay. He never had a relationship with a woman before Anna or afterwards. Anna was a trashy woman and should be RIP.


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