American Outlaw: Jesse James to Pen Memoir

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Jesse James wants to tell his side of the story.

Whether anyone wants to hear it is another matter, but  Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband has signed a deal to write his memoir, entitled American Outlaw.

Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, said that a publication date is not scheduled yet, but that James' writing would likely come out this year.

Kat Von D and Jesse James Picture

The Outlaw with his fourth wife-to-be.

The Academy Award-winning actress left James last year after learning that he was having an affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and other losers.

James, who has three children from his first two marriages before Bullock, is already engaged to Kat Von D, his longtime friend and TLC tattoo artist.

Should be an interesting memoir of self-loathing and profuse apologies.


we don't need a book on cheating,lying,hurting and betraying the ones the loved you! I just dont understand publisher are willing to work out a deal with JJ. is crazzy!
But no one is willing to work out a deal with Octomom ! a lot of people are interested on what she has to say, I can't imagine her daily life,14 kids to care for? that is something to read about, and what would that money do for those kids? ....


A book about what!!?? How to ruin your life, your kid's lives and the many women who believed all your lies?? Great don't need to waste my time and money on that one!! Good laugh is about it!!


I won't give this a-hole a dime of my hard earned dollar. It's bad enough he and Kat are still trying to cash in on the fact that he was married to Sandra. He will probably talk nice about their relationship as well as the one with Sandra. I think he is looking for redemption from his d-bag doings and is going to make himself look like a victim of his upbringing. I'm sure Kat has encouraged him to write the book since she did the same thing. She wants him to look like a good guy in the public eye cuz she is marrying him. But nope, I'm not feeling sorry for this guy at all, especially after he said that 2010 was the best year of his life. IMO no woman of substance will buy his book.