Amber Portwood Restraining Order: Lifted!

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Break out the champagne. Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is no longer subject to a No Contact Order barring her from communication with Gary Shirley.

The on-off/often-sparring couple are finally allowed to talk and hang out again after an Indiana judge modified the restraining order against Portwood.

Giving Up Their Babies!

But there's a major catch. The judge is refusing to allow Gary and Amber to be around their daughter, Leah, at the same time. Probably for the best.

You know what's always a risk with Amber and Gary.

SLAP HAPPY: The three of them are only allowed to be in the same room while trading custody of Leah. Probably for the best, so Leah doesn't see more of this.

Portwood still faces two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent, and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

That's for allegedly beating Gary's ass in front of Leah and MTV cameras last fall. Portwood filed a police report against Shirley as recently as last week.

Amber is also accused of harassing his girlfriend Ashley Williamson, but there's no sign of any strife now. The couple "hugged it out" in court today.


In this situation i think that its all ambers falt its not gary.. Hes a good dad if he was a babd dad he would of been hit amber he deserve leah and amber needs to go.....


Sharonda, leah should be taken & put into foster care so she can grow up right, not grow up in a tense, hostile white trash household... why would u think Leah needs more amber?!?!???

Sharonda gail hoover

hey this is bad i think amber needs to be around her child gary he needs to be a man and grow up


exactly Ash! the probability of Leah being a drug/alcohol abuser & in a violent relationship gets higher every time she sees Amber act like this. plus leah will prob get pregnant at 16yo, just like mom... :/


It really makes you sad to see a mother care more about herself and guys then her own child. my best friends husband was arrested for domestic abuse when she found out about his affair. in front of their 2 yr old and 7month old he attacked her. after her son saw what his dad was doing to his mom he started Hitting and acting just like him. its sad that they dont know what thwy are doing to their kids. they deserve worse then pro and a day in jail.


Amber is a HORRIBLE mom with HUGE anger issues. She should not be allowed near her daughter or Gary. She should be upset with herself, embarrassed and getting help for her rage issues.


Wow!a mother like this should just be put in jail instead of having probation and custodies...

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