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I don't think she looks that bad... Not good but there are much worse looking. What I don't get is where the hell is the nipple she's supposed to be covering? Looks awful low to me!


That which is seen, cannot be unseen, Wow!


instead of shopping all that $$$ away she should try to invest. Try birth contol, an IRA acct, college acct. or tattoo removal.


Yea....even though i DIDNT look....in my head its NOT A PRETTY PICTURE...0_o...eeeww!!!!


Yea not looking it might blind me!!
And that tattoo is the most retarded thing ever but that makes a whole lotta sense coming from this psycho!!


Eeeek! Damn! People are saying its fake because of the placement of that god-awful tattoo.

I'm sure I am going to LOVE my children...but tatting thier faces on skin that will eventually sag and completely morph the original art is no way to show that you are being a dedicated parent.

Not beating up your baby daddy on national TV is one way of showing your child you are a good parent.


Oh my freakin god why did I look? EWWWW.....

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