Amber Portwood: Knocked Up By Adam Dockery?

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Is Amber Portwood pregnant again? Would that surprise anyone at all?

Possibly and no. According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom star has tested positive at least three times during home pregnancy tests in recent weeks.

This isn't confirmed by Amber, but the gossip site claims pals and one potential baby daddy are convinced the wreck is with child once again.

Got (Port)Wood?

"When Amber tested positive, she decided to go to a local clinic to have a doctor tell her once and for all if she is expecting," a source close to her said.

"It's confusing because Amber is telling people that the doctor said the test was negative, even though the home pregnancy tests came back positive."

"There were a number of them too."

So who to believe - and which upstanding member of the Anderson, Ind., community could be hit up for child support payments shortly? Let's see ...

The scandal-prone Portwood has been linked with so many new men in the past few months, she has no idea who could have fathered the child.

Local tattoo artist Adam Dockery believes the child is his. She told him she went to the clinic "just to get birth control," but he's not buying it.

Dockery reportedly said last week: "She's telling me it was negative, but I'm not so sure if I'm believing her though." Praying, most likely, too.

There's also Mike Rayn, whoever that is, previous fling Clinton Yunker and, last but certainly not least, baby daddy/punching bag Gary Shirley.

Basically, who knows how many guys have been in there.

Shirley has vowed to drop a load of weight. Whether he lost a load of a different sort remains up for debate. We'd have to guess it's not his.

Portwood only recently reunited with her ex-fiancé after the pair petitioned to lift a no-contact order in place due to her domestic violence.

They've been at odds so much in recent months, over his new girl Ashley in fact. It's hard to see when they had to copulate. But who knows.

Amber previously denied she was pregnant late last year.

"I'm working hard to be the best mom to my daughter," Portwood said amid similar rumors: "I have no plans to have more kids anytime soon."

Time will tell if that's changed in the last two months. Here's hoping it's a false alarm, for the sake of those poor guys and society as a whole.


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are you seriously bashing a young dumb teenager agiain yeah shes not perfent but neither are half the teen girls running a muck this day and age it is really sad and none of this is anyones busness shes not on tv anymore get out of her life i am not a suporter of her but all this bashing has got to stop we try to get this to stop in teens but yet we sit here and provoke it... yeah she messed up woopty do every teenage girl will one way or another and the poor girl had no one to teach her how to be a mother so dont judge till you walk in that persons shoes, the whole she has been linked with all these guys doesnt meen the girl slept with them come one now quit giving people lables when you acually have no clue if she is prego im shure shes stressed enough and dont need this bullying as i said im not pro amber lol but bashing her and bulling her every moce is just pathetis and this is not what i want to teach my kids ponder on that


For crying out loud how hard is it not to get knocked up?You can take a pill,you can get a shot every 3 months,you can learn how to correctly use a condom,I cold go on and on...But in Ambers case I'd suggest something more permanant. Or maybe she should stop banging every guy who looks at her and spend some time working on her parenting skills. Nah,that will never happen!


if she's saying no then she is opting for an abortion


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