Amber Portwood Files Police Report, Alleges "Sexually Vulgar" Calls From Gary Shirley

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Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood claims baby daddy Gary Shirley made "sexually vulgar" comments in a series of harassing phone calls last week.

According to a police report filed in Anderson, Ind., Ambs received 24 calls from a blocked ID between 11:56 p.m. February 3 and 5:21 a.m. on February 4.

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Amber Portwood claims she recognized the voices as Gary and his "friend" Ashley Williamson - who Amber is accused of harassing on multiple occasions.

THAT HURTS: According to Amber, Gary's words did.

Amber told police she could hear Ashley threatening to kick her ass during the calls and that Gary was repeatedly saying "sexually vulgar" things to her.

Portwood, who faces assault charges for her televised attacks on Gary, claims the comments were SO vulgar, she wouldn't be more specific to police.

Gary has denied the calls and no further action has been taken by police. Yet. They should be arriving for this week's incident tonight or tomorrow.


He may have FINALLY stepped up as a father, but in the beggining, he was a no good lazy fuck. amber is no queen herself, but i can understand her holding resentment for him not getting off his fat ass and helping. personally, i dont think either one of them should be raising leah.


I doubt this is true because if it were, Amber would have been able to say what was said. That's technically withholding information.

Sharonda gail hoover

all yall need to stop amber is not a bad person it was gary that made the calls not her so back off of her and if u dont like her dont comment on whats going on in her life


leave gary alone amber,you need help.if there is anyone out there that cares about you they should help you. you have gone too far and you are too young for this bs. your daughter needs a mother and a father so get help or else you will lose out in your child upbringing. please amber stop the bs and leave gary alone you put all of this on yourself.


I would think by now that the Anderson Police Dept. would have a standard reply if someone calls 911 for an "Amber Alert" : Do you have a missing child or is it Portwood???


I watched the first teen mom and Gary does not strike me as the guy who would do something like that. He seemed like kind of a weenie. I could be wrong though.
Amber has big mental problems. I also noticed that every time she complains about him she manages to blame his girlfriend too. Think she just hates that he has one even though she dosen't want him. The only thing Amber is a victim of is her own stupidity.


Who wouldn't want to get vulgar phone calls from Gary- look at him- hes obviously a stud muffin......;-) not


Cringe. Just the thought of sex with Amber is vulgar.


Seriously this chick needs mental help....shes also always trying to be the victim its annoying

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