Zac Efron and Rumer Willis: New Couple Alert?!?

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Perhaps Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling really are just friends.

But that doesn't mean the handsome actor isn't moving on from Vanessa Hudgens.

According to witnesses at at Parrot Island in Turks & Caicos, the former High School Musical star has been spotted at a resort looking very cozy with Rumer Willis. Sources even tell The Chicago Sun-Times that Efron is on vacation there with the latter's family.

Stud in Germany
Merely a Rumer

After almost four years as a couple, Efron split with Vanessa Hudgens in December.

Willis, meanwhile, was rumored to be dating new Glee star Chord Overstreet in October. But now it sounds like she may have found another singing actor with whim she can make sweet music.

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Hello? Vanessa to Rumer? Nessa is 3x better than Rumer although she got nude... But, she's back good. Btw, Rumer is to 'under average' to be Zac's girlfriend. Worst couple!


... >>> YUCK >>>..... it sucks... i hat that willis gurl.. shes too ugly 4 some1 like zac.. i suggest that... zac should back w/ vanesssa they look dood together...


YUCK........ IT SUCKS>.... eww.... hTE THt willis girl shes ugly .. vanessa is still preetier than her..


i wish you would get you story right.zac was woith is family.there would report there all over story if he was there where are you come up with these story.just one time can you true about the people why lie i know this will sell more


Ok. Rumer isn't exactly Miss America but wow. Some people here ripping on her is unreal. Do any of you realize that love and a solid relationship is based on more than just looks??? I am not saying that they are in love, just a general statement that looks aren't everything.


@sarah georgia daniels, Uh sarah, I don't know about you but Bruce Willis isn't exaclty my idea of beautiful. He has squinty eyes, a kind oflarge nose and thin lips. Exactly how all his kids look. They unfortunately got his face and maybe her hair?


He reminds me of a woman in drag. His facial features are too feminine.


yumm, hes looking good!!!!!!!!!!


Good Lord! Did he go blind or just he just like ugly girls? The man is drop dead gorgeous! Why doesn't he pick someone in his league? Please....tell me it isn't so!


Grossss talk about DOWNGRADING!!! She's a fugley potato head. A 9 and a -4 don't look right together...just sayin!

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