Witness: Michael Jackson's Kids Watched Him Die

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Michael Jackson's children watched him die, according to a prosecution witness in the preliminary hearing for his embattled physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

As Murray tried in vain to revive MJ after a drug overdose, his children Paris and Prince entered his bedroom, a former employee testified on Wednesday.

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"Paris screamed, 'Daddy,' and she started crying," Alberto Alvarez, a logistics director for Jackson, recalled as Katherine and Janet Jackson sat in court.

Paris, Blanket and Prince have been through a lot.

Alvarez testified in the second day of a preliminary hearing in L.A. Superior Court on an involuntary manslaughter charge against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Jackson feared being murdered, we learned yesterday, but Murray is not accused of anything like that. He didn't mean for MJ to die, but is he liable?

The judge will determine whether there's enough evidence for a trial for the 57-year-old doctor, and it's all but a formality that Murray will stand trial.

According to Alvarez, when MJ's children appeared that day, Murray shouted, "Get them out! Get them out! Don’t let them see their father like this."

At the time, Paris was 11 years old and Prince was 12.

Jackson was on his back, his eyes and mouth open, as Murray gave chest compressions and attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Alvarez says.

He was later declared dead at the hospital at age 50. It's whether Murray was responsible for his passing away that is in question here, of course.

Murray's conduct that day was suspicious, and his expected defense - that Michael killed himself - is thin. You won't hear that this week, though.

At the preliminary hearing, the defense is likely to sit and watch the prosecution outline its case, rather than try to plead its own. There's no point.

It would be a losing battle now, so they are likely to gear up for trial after seeing what the D.A. has and plans on using to convict Conrad Murray.

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Null, you are a psychologist yet can't even spell your own profession? Strange. Anyway, MJ would never have wanted his kids to see what they saw.


helen troy; thats not true, michael didn't bring this on the drs.should have said no but we all know that money talks!


well that's awful! i am psycologist and they may have in the future psycological problems !!!


It's a tragedy for any child to see their parent die in front of them, but it happens more often than you'd think...to my friend's family, when their mom, only 47 years old, had a stroke right in the middle of their living room. The big difference here is that their mom was not a walking medicine cabinet. Michael Jackson brought this horror on himself and his children.
HE is ultimately responsible for his life and his death. Stop pointing the finger at anyone else.

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