Willow Smith Rumored to Reprise Annie

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Can you imagine Willow Smith in the role of little orphan Annie? You might not need to imagine it in the near future.

This possibility is inching close to reality, as Variety reports that Will Smith is exploring a potential remake of the iconic musical, hoping to bring it to the big screen with his daughter in the title role.

Willow Walks

The elder Smith found success making a similar reboot with his son and The Karate Kid. A sequel starring Jaden Smith is likely on the way.

Insiders say Jay-Z, who collaborated with Willow on "Whip My Hair," is in talks to work on the movie's soundtrack. But the real question is this: might Will Smith shave his head and take on the part of Daddy Warbucks?


...... like a 21ST CENTURY GIRL lol


u go for it willow i think ull be a good actor and annie will be a good play/film to start u off go for it girl be ur self just WHIP UR HAIR l


Willow as Annie, I love the idea of that> Lets make it happen!! Will Smith, playing daddy warbucks will be gr8 (shave his head and gain about 30 lbs n he be gr8) who will be Ms. Hannigan though? lol she was a real bitter drunken byytch..lol i think macy gray will knock that role out the box. Its a hardknock life im loving this.. im hype..lol Oh yeah "oba" u need help seriously


i think, actully i no that willow smith would be the perfect annine! she would be better than the original she has swagger the looks and everything. go willow! if this does hit the big screen i will be first in line to see this. i hope will smith will be daddy walbuck he is hilarious. i am willow no.1 fan i wish i was her. any way all i have to say about obama is GO TO HELL!


I totally agree with you keven. "Obama" thats a pretty racist shity thing to say! Fuck It does not matter what race you are it matters if you can act!


Yes, Annie typically has red hair and freckles, but Annie is also confident, and sassy, which willow could pull off perfectly. So i really couldn't care less if she fits the part physically. I bet Willow could bring an interesting twist to the role of Annie. And "Obama", keep your racist thoughts to yourself please. We live in the 21st century, you need to move on.


How about concentrating on an education? Bad idea to make celebs out of children. Screwed up priorities.


Its kinda sad that hollywood has run out of ideas so they remake everything... What's gonna happen when everything is redone? A 3rd version? But so far everything will smith & family have done have been really good so I'm interested in seeing what their next projects will be like.

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