Willow Smith Remixes Whip My Hair: Listen Now!

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Willow Smith is continuing to whip her hair back and forth.

Following her appearance on ABC's New Year's Rockin Eve, the young artist has remixed her famous single, "Whip My Hair." She's joined by rapper Tinie Tempah in the video below. What do you think of this version?

Listen to it now and sound off!


She is Ugly and has no talent nuff said out


that SICK u go gil just WHIP UR HAIR in the 21ST CENTURY like a ROCKSTAR lol lol lol love u willow smith x


Its your fan ynohtna again i wish you were my sister so badly


Randyjacksonbutt u need 2 stop hatin man u just mad because u just mad because u don`t gotta girl like willow


Gabby dude I hope u know that a kid is a stuborn goat and willow I kinda hope u would call me sometime I know u already have a bf but that don`t meen we can not be friends so call me 216-502-8712


Smith fam it think every 1 on the world thinks ur song is awsome no homo!


Randy u r a dumb man willows song was great i loved it my mom, dad, bacilly my whole fam love it u should be a shame of ur self and talkin bout her on the internet willow ur song was amazing my fam and me where whiping our hair if u somthin smart 2 say 2 me heres my address, holly brook ln apt 911 arlington texas 76006

Jennifer miller

randyjacksonbutt, I think ur wrong Parents Just Don't understand was a good song. You not giving Willow a chance. She can sing a little bit. She needs better song writers that's all.


@ Gabby I agree with what you said. She is just a kid.. How would you fell if a grown up was online talking about your kid.. It's such a shame that grownups are on here talking bad about a child. She hasn't done anything wrong.. She's not in high heels shoes and half naked. She is doing what she loves to do and that's singing so give her a break. It's so sad for grown A** people to hate on a child.. I can not belive how people are acting and saying about her. Keep ur nastey comments to your self .. If you don't have nothing nice to say keep ur mouth shut! Remember when you where her age.. how would you fell if someone was saying this to you what you guys are saying about her?


Its a kid singing, what do you expect? She is a kid. Should she be singing about girls shaken there asses and being n clubs getting drunk? Come on, give her a break!


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