Will Emily Maynard Win The Bachelor?

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We give The Bachelor a hard time for being scripted and full of contrived nonsense on a weekly basis, but last night was legitimately emotional and warm.

All thanks to Emily Maynard.

Just three weeks in, she's already proven one of the sweetest, most likable and most beautiful contestants in Bachelor history. How do you not get behind that?

As our official recap of last night's episode discussed, not even a group of catty chicks can find a reason to hate Emily Maynard. That's saying something!

Her one-on-one date with Brad Womack, which we've posted in its entirety above, started off awkwardly because she was afraid to open up to the guy.

Unlike typical Bachelor baloney, however, she's guarded for good reason. Her story even left a vampire in tears, and Brad was understandably moved.

Will she make it far? The Bachelor spoilers we've compiled so far indicate she's got a good shot. Will she get engaged and become Mrs. Brad Womack?

If not, she'd better be The Bachelorette. Start the campaign now.


Emily Maynard can do better then Brad Womack. Tyler mack is single and ready for some love. Emily is so sweet and pretty and she can do better. Tyler Mack is such a sweetie and is sometimes called mr love machine.


Doesn't anybody think that he is just too OLD for her. She's 24, he's 38!


No one should wish "Brad Womack" on her and for her to win....she is not getting a good man....his record speaks for itself...both on and off the show.


What is wrong with women today???? the women on the Bachelor have NO self respect to even be on that show! Especially Emily!!!Brad Womack is a slime ball, he is NO CATCH!!! Do these women just want fame and glory by being on the show. Really, any woman in her right mind would not give him the time of day! He is a user of drugs and has been arrested for several things in the past including bad checks!!! What is wrong with these women? All they have to do is do their homework, research the net like I did....and then they need to RUN LIKE HELL OUT THE DOOR OF THE MANSION!!!! He is a creep!


If Emily is not chosen she should be the next Bachelorette


I love this girl. You can tell Brad really has fallen for her. I love it!!


She should just make it into the last 5 standing and then she should be the next Bachelorette!!! I would def. watch next season too.


Is she the former girfriend of Ricky Hendricks of hendrick motorsports? the story all adds up...


she is such a sweetie i hope she wins :)


She is soooo sweet should totally have guys fawing over her and she should get her happlily ever after. She should be the next bachorlette :)

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