When Camille Met Kayte...

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Camille Grammer met her still-husband's fiancee for the first time yesterday.

And the experience was so personal and so traumatic that she had to share it with the world on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last night, following the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"It was interesting to say the least," Camille told Andy Cohen. "I was delivering the kids to Kelsey, and he texted me and said, 'Kayte will be there.' And my girlfriend Deidre, who's on the show with me, said we have to go down and meet her."


"She was nice, we both said hello. She has a very strong handshake... it was uncomfortable."

As it stands now, Camille won't let Kelsey go through with a hasty divorce, while Kesley wants to marry Kayte next month and... do you really care?

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I hope Camille goes to Kelsey's wedding wearing her pink boa and brings Kyle as her date - http://bit.ly/eTakeA


If I was Camille I'd burn through every cent I can. Its horrid that he would expect her to give him a quickie divorce so he can marry his whore. I think he was lonely she was handy and young and would bang him. Idiots thinking with his pecker. Camille should've paid more attention to him not his career. Either way he was married and off limits. The young ladies parents must be proud that they raised such a amoral slut. Shows that neither of them have any class. KARMA its a commin!


I feel for Camille even though I don't care for her personality. Kelsey was a married man period. On the other hand he did ask her to move to New York and she didn't want to because the apartment was too small. She thinks she's cute and can bat her eyes and shrug and he'll come running. She should've been all over her husband not evryone elses. Because I would've given her a free fat lip. She acted like a slut and should've been corrected when her behavior began.
Kelsey obviously doesn't care about the emotional distress he has caused Camille. I don't congratulate or wish him well and its sick for people to coldly wish an adulterer well with his next marriage. Obviously don't have any idea what pain you cause cuz your getting your saggy ASSS waxed


I'm glad Kelsey and Kayte are happy. I know it's hard for Camille because she is still in love with Kelsey. You can get through it Camille. It's time to move on and start dating other people. Kelsey and Kayte seem so happy. I admire Kelsey for taking the steps to allow their love to flourish. Kelsey should surprise Kayte with a bracelet or a friendship ring. Walmart is having a sale on Jewelry. And we all know how much girls love gifts.


Age, smage, WTH. Follow your heart Kelsey. Look at Hugh Hefner. He's getting married to a girl that is 60 years younger than him. He's getting some TLC and he's happy. Kelsey, don't listen to these weird religious people that say you should stay married with someone just because of your age even if you are unhappy in your marriage. Age is relative. Younger people aren't the only ones that have the right to screw around.


Kelsey really that is TACKY
I am not a BIG FAN of Camille either
But that was CLASSY for her to go to
The Awards with KELSEY for Appearance
& PR Purposes...
Camille will be just fine & Kelsey
Will eventually get tired of the young
Blond and exchange her for a New Model!!


Kelsey's needed a personal assistant and nanny for his and their kids! No fool like a old fool or familiar story marry rich when the opportunity presents itself!


it is a pity for Kelsey. at 55 he is starting all over again, he is getting older and he does not even know if the new girl loves him or if she just want cash or want to be popular. in another 15 years she will be about 45 and kelsey about 70. if she lives him then just as most women does after they get money from thier rich old men, he will be an old confused man. i wish him true love and not young girls love. men needs to think more wisely and stop getting dicieved my young women


Seriously after seeing her behavior and i truly believe "out of touch she is".. i can't imagine being married that long to her.. i happen to love Kelsey and wish him the best... her ego is hurt. .and God knows if there were signs before and she's acting so shocked.. i don't trust the woman and i'm sure she's enjoying this forum to let people think less of him.. no matter what age anyone is.. if there's chemistry there's chemistry!! I mean why is Camille (on a different note :)) always kissing her friends husband on the lips.. she's very dishonoring to other woman.. the adage.. what goes around comes around...


I am not Camille's fan but Kelsey is 100% wrong to put the mother of his children and wife of 14 yrs on this situation.
The least he can do is to use some discreation