We See You, Justin Bieber!

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Once again, Justin Bieber has gone undercover.

For the second time in a month, the 16-year old has tried to disguise himself using a fake mustache, the latest occasion coming on the red carpet of The Critics Choice Awards tonight.

But our spies are good! It took them a few hours, and they relied on many scoops from multiple sources, but our insiders have come through and spotted Justin on the red carpet. Sorry, buddy, you're gonna have to do better than this next time...

Silly Justin
Mustached Bieber

What do you think of Justin Bieber's faux facial hair?


lolz that aint very good disguise justin....


I do not know what's interesting about this boy, a boy with talent like this one or even more of its many out there, just that they do not have a chance.


OMG I really Like Justin he s so HOT ,CUTE & Goshh FUNNY Boy #1 fan


I agree wid VampFreak101.....I cn say dt he rlly dun luk mature at ol....


just as ur ar baby baby justin


Even WITH a mustache he looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet!!!(which he hasn't)!!


Smh. guess thats what he meant by #pranksterontheloose....


Omggg lookingHOT Justin bieber. :)


Gah he's so fucking ugly and awkward looking!


Justin Its Nicee Buhh Lol I mean i can tell its Fake buhh wahheverr yhu did good


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