Tracy Morgan Gives Shout-Out to Kidney Donor, Calls Sarah Palin World's Hottest MILF

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Tracy Morgan gave shout-outs to some important people last night.

On the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild awards, the 30 Rock star first thanked his ex-girlfriend, Tanisha Hall, "for donating my kidney to me."

Even though they broke up, the pair remains close. "We were together, but then we separated," Morgan told E! News. "But she also gave me a kidney."

That was nice of Tracy. Of course, then he had to make things awkward with his second bizarre outburst about Sarah Palin in less than a week.

As Guiliana Rancic and the cameras started panning away, Morgan proclaimed, "Sarah Palin, you're the hottest MILF in the world! She's a MILF!"

Yeah. Don't even ask. This is Tracy Morgan. Logic and reasoning do not apply.

"MILF" isn't as bad as the type of "material" he dubbed her last week at least.


Sara Palin is definitely hot. You should see her in person --- even better. Hot bod....legs especially. Just 'cause brain-dead Leftist sheep takes all their cues from Bill Maher and Jon Stewart doesn't make it any less so.


i thnk its awesome that political correctness for dems went out the window when Palin came on the scene. now u hypocrites can pull that 2x4 out of ur . . .


No Sarah fan, but that shout out was totally unneccessary.
Tracy may be a comedian,but everything that he says is Not funny!!


1)that was nice of his GF
2)EEEEWWWW!!!!sara doesnt even get to pretty let alone hottest

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