Totally Random Tabloid: Robsten is Over!!!

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There's very sad new today out of the world of totally random tabloids that invent cover stories with no evidence or reliable quotes with which they can back them up:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have split.

End of Robsten!!!

Rob did look a bit sad at this week's People's Choice Awards, didn't he?

No further details are available at this time, partly because this is a British publication and THG does not have an office in Europe. Also, because the story isn't true.

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Exactley leave them alone they are perfect and cute together never care about the magazines if it's true love like Robsten stay together because you will be happy so fuck off haters an people who do magazines and gossip about them leave them they are perfect !!


Oh come on! Leave them alone if this is true its a tragedy they are perfect together so Robert Kirsten is the one for you love u both


fuck all the haters of robsten leave them alone they are happy together and they are amazing and rob and kristen obssessed with eatch other stope saying this stupide things
fuckkk all the haters of robsten


I wud nevr ever believe dis bulshit msg. Oh rob n kris u 2 nevr evr evn think f taking such a decision, plez.........!!!!


of course it's not true...this rumor has been going around for a while now. -_-
i didn't and won't believe it i mean if they break up they break's really not a big deal...or something to get people's panties all twisted either.


I hope its true.. I'll wait you forever Rob.. I love you.. If you come to Turkey, find me.


That's completely,utterly,and totally false beyond any reason what's so ever. They could and WOULDN'T break up. They are so amazingly perfect for each other. Not as Edward and Bella but as themselves.


so hope that that isnt true


I don't think this is true it is probally just a lie


i hope its true...i hope they never were together...british/english bois n american girls dont mix.,.never will whoever they are.

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