Tila Tequila: I Got Sober!

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Tila Tequila has overcome a lot in the past year, such as imaginary miscarriages and accusations of murder.

But the blogger has come out of it a better person, one who totally shies away from the spotlight now. Okay. That's not true. She's just stopping drinking for now.

So Not Hot

"Last year, I was going through a really tough time," Tila told Radar Online. "I have my doctor and my therapist and I went constantly I got sober."

From Charlie Sheen to Tila Tequila, CBS continues to set a good example for all viewers.

How much has Tequila - who will actually guest star on this week's episode of $#*! My Dad Says, above - changed? She says:

"I want to cover up more and I don't want to show too much cleavage. I feel like an adult now. I feel like a woman. The girl last year... I feel like that girl is so far away. I feel like she's dead."


More covered up? Like in that slutty dress????


Anyone who has read anything on this idiot knows she has been saying over and over how she's a "new person" and has changed and blah blah blah. She's not drinking, eh? Did you ask her about drugs? Or if she indeed bought that Lambo with her signing money from Vivid? I'd love to hear her explanation for the sex tape she says she never did. And in the wake of her "fiancee's" death. Had it even been a year?


Ironic: Tequila is sober.


Kim K. Tila Tequila. Snooki. Dumb bitches fam0us 4 N0THING! I miss 0ld HOLLYWOOD. Its n0t the same. U sh0w s0me T and A and get drunk 0n camera and g0 have sex w a D lister thats what makes u fam0us n 0ur c0untry?! Pathetic. N0 w0nder the rest 0f the w0rld thnks the USA is a j0ke. These bitches need a REAL REALITY CHECK. They all have b0ring fake ass pers0nalities! Pers0nally i w0uld want t0 be fam0us 4 s0mthng 0ther than h0w well i fist pump while d0ing a keg stand. And fam0us jst because my daddy helped 0ne 0f the m0st h0rrific murderers get 0ff sc0tt free. Ie 0j simps0n. And ths bitch Tila AA Tequila! Shes talentless plain n simple. Cant wait t0 see and read b0ut these bitches 50 years fr0m n0w. W0nder where theyll be?


This girl is so old news. I remember back in middle school all the slutty girls wanted to be like her. They had her songs in their iPod and they would sing her lyrics outloud as if the rest of us wanted to hear, can you say "cruel and unusual punishment" much? I think that since her 15 minutes of fame were done and over with, she's trying to milk 5 more... How sad, lady needs to get a real job... Go back to school or something... And don't bust a Kim Kardashian saying she "wants to be a role model" because then, the future of kids who sadly want to be like her, will be ruined. I think its time for Tila to say goodbye to the spotlight...


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