Thia Megia: Chasing Pavement, American Idol Crown

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She has the name of a movie star, as noted by Jennifer Lopez. But does Thia Megia have the voice of an American Idol champion?

Only 15, the contestant displayed impressive confidence and comfort in front of the judges last night, delivering one of the best performances of the evening on Adele's "Chasing Pavements."

Megia will have plenty of competition from fellow Milwaukee hopefuls alone - we loved Molly DeWolf Swensen and Scott Dangerfield - but she's been approved for Hollywood. We'll see her there in a couple weeks. For now, here's your chance to check out Thia's vocals once again:




Wow! Shes so amazing! Real talent! Makes us proud THIA !


i love the voice of thia megia...she's trully the filipo pride..i wish her a lucky life into hollywood


She has a distinct tone of voice. And seems like she's born to perform. I think she'll go a long way. She looks awesomely unique too. I like her style and the way she carries herself. Looks a little mature for a 15 year old, though. If she wins, she'll be the first idol of Asian descent. It would break a huge barrier. But I saw her when she was 14 performing in AGT and though she was fantastic then, she was still definitely a work in progress. Hopefully, her decision to chase her dream this year in AI would prove to be the right way to go. A year or two more of training and school wouldn't have hurt till she was more prepared. But maybe this is her time.


THE VOICE! very seldom i could hear a quality voice for a 15 years old .She has all the quality of the new American Idol. The next diva in the tradition of past AI finalist like Jennifer Hudson and AI winner Fantasia Barino .I hope this season AI will bring us a new young DIVA .I have a strong feeling this season's winner will be a young girl because lets face it previous winners lately are always the opposite but they didnt become as succesful as Carrie Underwood , Kellie Clarkson and Jordin Sparks.

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