THG Caption Contest: The People's Choice!

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner. Kristen Stewart. Put them all together at the People's Choice Awards and you've got the latest edition of our fun feature.

Smiling Robert

All you have to do is think of a caption for the photo and fire off a comment below. Leave one. Leave 20. It's up to you. We'll announce a winner Monday!

Best of luck and get to it ...

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So hey, thanks to those who hated our movie. See who got the award now. *evil laugh


Anyone have a wipey or hand sanitizer?


K to R getting ready to go to show:
R: Will you help me with my wardrobe?
K: Okay.
R: Should we eat before we get dressed?
K: Okay. Okay. Okay. ad nausium... If I hear Bella say "okay" more than 10 times in the next sequel, I'm gonna scream. Give the girl a 2-word line for crying out loud! Nothing to do w/pic but drives me crazy in the films
(Sorry, not a caption just drives me nuts...count 'em!)


T: Damn! We should've made HIM go first so he'd HAVE to talk! But I'm still enjoying this! K: Yeah, right?! (Both giggling)


R: Why did she have to wear that short bloody dress?? She's been teasing me all night. I can't look at her, or him holding her, without exploding! Just hold the mic away and wait for the music. Did I say that outloud??!


R: Did they say....Vampire Diaries? Oh, Ian, Paul, Nina, I am sooo sorry. No, no. I'll take care of them. Yeah, she can laugh with him - see if I change her now! We CAN change the book though!"


R - Thought bubble: "I haven't fed in a while since we've come to LA. I'm gritting my teeth under this smile while HE uses his gamey, "dog" scent to prevent me from going after Bella. I did, however pick up a lovely scent coming from that woman riiiight over there. Oh, wait. This award is for ACTING like a vampire. Oh, well, have to stay in charachter somehow!"


Taylor : If i stop smiling now they'll find out that i hate his jacket!
Kristen : Just a little while more. Atleast this way, i can't actually smell his body odour. Yay!


Headlines: HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS TURN VAMPIRE TO IMMOBILEZED STONE ON LIVE TV! Reporter: "No need for a wax replica of this one...".


RP: "What? I can be a vamp but it's not cool to wear my Star Trek jacket? My agent, right there, said it would be appropriate!"