THG Caption Contest: A Night Out With the Brands

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

When Katy Perry and Russell Brand hit up the casino, there's no telling what kind of thoughts take place and words are exchanged ... until you tell us!

All you have to do is think of a caption for this picture, fire off a comment below and win! Leave one. Leave 10. Up to you. We'll pick a winner Monday.

Best of luck, have a nice weekend and go to it ...

Russell and Katy Brand
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Russell: My butt plug just came loose. Let me put it back in there. Push down, ease it in, slow, yeah it's back in. Katy: That's my man. Yeah, he has homoerotic butt plug tendencies and his eyes bug out like he's on psychotropic meds, but he's my goober, all mine.


Let you put your hands on me
When you win the money
Be your Vegas dream tonight.


I'm going all in. Wish me luck! With that crappy hand, she's going to need it.


Katy:"What will you say....we Collect and
go Upstairs & get busy for Real?"


Happily Ever After? Don't bet on it...


Russel: Okay, if I win I get to buy that Chanel evening gown we saw last week.
Katy: For me?!
Russel: No, for me...


Brand Losers!


Russel: 'I bet u cant guess how many s.t.d.'s I have.....'


Katy: I kissed a girl, and I liked it.
Russel: Sorry, I couldn't hear you... I was trying to stifle a fart!


still thinks it better risking shares in the perry brand