THG Asks: Should Kim Kardashian Give Advice on Teen Pregnancy?

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THG Asks!

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Today, THG Asks: Should Kim Kardashian give advice on teen pregnancy?

YES by Hilton Hater

Let me be clear: by no stretch of any imagination should Kim Kardashian be a role model.

She is famous solely because she made a sex tape, hired a good publicist and is willing to attach her name to any product on the market.

But these facts don't change another fact: she IS a role model. She has close to four million Facebook fans, six million Twitter followers.

For reasons that defy comprehension, people - many of whom are teenage women - care about what Kim says, thinks and does.

So instead of finding another reason to bash her, why not applaud Kim for actually using her pedestal for an important cause? Yes, she got there by having filmed intercourse with Ray J. But she didn't get pregnant as a result, did she?

See. She talks the talk and has walked the walk.

NO by Free Britney 

Look at the photo above. This is who's opining on social issues of our time.

This isn't to say that Kim Kardashian is a bad person, or that she can't have opinions on serious subjects. But she needs to know her role and shut her yap too.

Kim's missive about Teen Mom glorifying pregnancy is laughable. Not because of the MTV show's content, but because of the reasons you know who Kim is.

Kim loves her kurves. Kim endorses QuikTrim! Kim shows kleavage on Twitter! Kim shills for new show! Kim dates half the NFL! Kim endorses bogus kredit kard!

She accuses Teen Mom of making celebrities out of its cast, an odd message from a girl who got famous from a sex tape and flaunts her sexuality on a daily basis.

The ultimate product of the same celebrity-obsessed culture she derides, Kim has milked it for a fortune, has zero credibility and is in no position to judge.

THG Asks you ... should Kim be giving advice? Who won this argument?


it isnt really the fact that shes kim kardashian that i have an issue it is WHAT she said. it is wrong of her to blame teen mom for the 90pregnancies issue. teen pregnancy was around before the show and it is going to be around after it is gone; the shw doesnot glorify teen pregnancy for other teens it is honestly so annoyig when adults and people hu ARE NOT teenagers tell the world what we glorify. Kim is in her THIRTYS how would she know what teenagers aspire to be; i watch that show and it has made me realize even more now how important protection is becu those girls lives are CRAP and i would never ever want that. the reason all these stories like the 90preggers girls or the girls who want to get pregnant are on the news all the time is becu they are out of the ordinary and not what most teenagers are doing


This is what i hate about people.. All because Kim came out an made a comment on teen pregnancy. Now everyone wants to throw her under the bus by bringing up her past. Regardless if it's Kim or Any other celebrity , you should not bring up any ones past. So what if she had a sex tape, got married early or even have numerous boyfriends that is her life,but what she saying is correct. Nobody should knock her for stating her opinion. First off you cant believe what you read and hear. All because you go out with one person for dinner doesn't mean your actually dating. Kim may not be the best role model for young girls , but at least she didn't have children when she was a teen.Teen pregnancy isn't something that should be looked up too . Young girls having children is not a trend. i 100% agree with Kim on her views on Teen pregancy. !!


ok and who is Kim to comment on teen pregnancy, really all she did was the sex tape, but lets get a little deeper, I'm sure Ray J wasn't her first or her only one, I'm sure a couple of guys have slipped one in her, and she carried her rich ass right there to a Doctor and had an abortion!, when ur rich, when u have the looks and the body not too many women are willing to give up that life to take care of a child! Think about, and unless celebs come out and say they've had an abortion, nobody wants anybody to know that type of shit! So Kim go sit or better yet go lay down somewhere!


Kim made a sex tape. This is true. But, she got over it, and unless its actually brought up, no one actually cares anymore. I agree that she shouldn't be a role model for young girls (mostly because I have no idea what she's ever done in her life to get where she is besides being born to a rich family and I don't think people should rely on money to get them where they need to go), but she is right, and should be taken seriously; sex tape or no sex tape.


i luv justin bieber


@lola: but kim IS a role model to young girls. As Hilton Hater said, should she be? God no. But you can't deny the reality of the situation.
Given her status - seriously, go read the comments on her blog, people ADORE her; there's a reason companies keep hiring her: people buy anything she pitches - what is the harm in her actually using this celebrity for good for a change?


I truly think that this situation has been taken way too far and only because Kim Kardashian made a comment, in which she has every right to. If regular, everyday people were having this convo it would have never gone to such porportions. Society can and will make a celebrity out of anyone, the young ladies of Teen Mom are no exception.


I in no way support teen pregnancy! but she needs to stick with what she knows! she married very young, became famous for having sex on film, has had alot of plastic surgery, and lies about it! dates a new jersey every week and has no REAL talent besides bj's. She is NOT a role model to young girls.


Noooo I don't think so. Sweet d is right! As well as hilton hater, and myself. When ur right ur right. Babies shouldn't make babies !!! Nor should it be praised ! They're 16 for godsake ! 16!
Just because kim makes mistakes doesn't mean her opinion shouldn't be valued.. If a crackhead said it, u shouldn't say "oh they're opinion doesn't matter" they're right. Stop being a 'hater' ( I guess that word fits ) she's right.

Free britney

omg ur so wrong kimfan.

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