The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6: Previewed!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be on their way out, but have no worries, viewers who can't get enough of contrived fights, spoiled women and Mr. Andy Cohen:

There are plenty of fake books, pretend brawling and forced bawling to come!

On March 6, The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo for season six. It will feature new cast members (Peggy Tanous and Fernanda Rocha), but the same old cattiness, specifically between Tamra and Jeana. As previewed here, Vicki will also watch her marriage fall apart. Tear...

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Loved season 6 when can i see 7 in the uk?


tamra is nothing but a jealous spiteful woman who enjoys being center of attention have you seen the look on her face when one of the women are made to look small she enjoys it with relish how do we know she is not paying eddie to be with her sound familiar


Series 6 on ITV 2 in UK starts Wednesday 3rd August


when is series 6 of housewives of orange county being shown in the united kingdom


I think Tamara was out of line talking about foreclosure as a joke.It is as if she enjoys people falling to her level.Vicki had no right brining it up, but we understand her ignorance.She belittles people so that she can feel superior.
Tamra also is acting a little to loose...............She is misleading the gay lady and not acting as a person who has small children.
Her new relationship will not last any longer then all of her other failed ones.Tamra will continue to have the same results in life because she has not changed her actions. Which is sad, because she could be nice, and she is pretty.
Gretchen, well shes just Gretchen, wasted air space.
Other then that great show................


Wow is it just me or do these women need to get some more plaster....I don't think botox is working anymore gals. I am seeing some serious aging since last season. I guess vanity does eventually run out. What will we do if television moves on from encouraging deplorable behavior from grown women?


Do you know when the new series of Real Housewives of OC will be showing in UK....Have been watching this since the start and can't get enough of it. Hope someone knows the answer...thanks


Next to the RHoBH, these botox queens are trailer trash! and basically obsolete. no one is married now except alexis to her KING and the show is a big snore. i would have gotten rid of gretchen, alexis and tamra before getting rid of lynn.


Vicky does tend to be the Camille of this show, doesn't she??


Hey, these clowns pale in having money as compared to the Beverly hills gals, these gals are now just boring "wanna bees"