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Everything is reversed now. I prefer Camille over Kyle, and think she pegged Kyle early on. Camille has admitted she wants to take back the mean stupid things she said, and well, that's a start and says something good about her.

Kyle, meanwhile, has been so abusive and cruel to her own sister, and shows a real malicious streak. I believe there's more to Camille's dinner party than we saw. I believe that Kyle and her friend Faye Resnick were snarky and cruel and baited Camille and her guests. Like mean high school girls.

Good for you Camille, for standing up to this nasty bully. We know that she has no difficulty harming other people and destroying their reputations, she did such a hatchet job on her sister that most people are outraged at her.


OMG Camille, I hope you did not take MAURICIO THE SLEAZIO back on as your realtor. Kyle is Vile. I would NEVER allow her to get her hands on proceeds from my property after what she did to you and how she continues to talk to you and LIE AND MANIPULATE. PLLEASE FIRE MAURICIO FOR REAL...He is a swarmy character and I think Kyle and Mauricio are stealing from Kim in some capacity.


I don't think Kim is crazy at all, rather she showed good judgement by not wanting to be involved in the stupid fighting and not wanting to get close to Taylor. Taylor and Kyle sat there with their snotty faces (like two high school mean girls) whenever Kim spoke up, and Taylor thought it was her place to snidely bring up Kim's "state of mind" to her sister.

These two, Kyle and Taylor, are the two biggest beyotch phonies on the show and we can't stand either of them.

Good for Camille for calling Kyle out as the bully she is, and for defending herself. We would believe her any day over Kyle, now that we've seen how malicious Kyle is in action.

Glad that Adrienne brought the show UP a notch, I think it made for contrast and a better show.


When I heard that this group of middle aged mean girl freaks were looking at Camille's photos (of whatever) in the limo home FROM HER HOUSE WHERE SHE GRACIOUSLY INVITED THEM, I almost threw up. I'm sure the ringleader in this disgusting situation was Kyle, once again. Did they look at any of Lisa's old cheesy attempts at "acting" in a bikini???? After Kyle threw Kim in a limo by herself??? I honestly can't look at this band of tacky, phony, desperate idiots anymore. Notice how they pick on the two most gentle and timid??? Camille and Kim. Kyle, your mother is ashamed from beyond...great job "taking care" of Kim, bitch.


UGH...these women are so affected and grotesque looking. The only one who looked pretty and natural, and classy was Kim. I was so glad that she stood up to Taylor in a clear, dignified, articulate (one of the few times)manner. Taylor is such a poser with her "charity"...what a hypocrite..."go Oklahoma on your ass". Another low class, vicious, golddigging creep. And Camille stood up to Kyle, who definitely IS a bully...clearly exemplified with her treatment of Kim and Camille, the underdogs in this vile wolf pack of deranged, over the hill Barbie freaks We KNOW Kyle said those things to her with her big, obnoxious mouth. Kim should get an attorney to check into Kyle and sleazy Mauricio's dealings regarding her house and assets. They are all revolting...Lisa is a pretentious idiot, dahhhling.

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