The Bellamy Brothers to Britney Spears: You Ripped Off Our Song!

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And here we thought Britney Spears was merely ripping off a cheesy old pickup line with the lyrics to her newest #1 single, "Hold It Against Me."

Well, The Bellamy Brothers, singers of "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me," claim it's their cheesy line dammit!

Bellamys and Brit

The country duo says it has "no personal beef" with Britney, however, "in all honesty, we feel completely ripped off. Where's the originality?"

LOL. She hasn't had any of that in years, but that doesn't mean she's to blame here. Anyway, the Bellamys aren't going to sue, they're just pissed.

Do they have reason to be? Listen to the two versions after the jump ...


Firstly what bothers me is the fact that some people continue to spell the name 'Brittany' when it is rather widely known and infact spelt in this article as 'Britney'. Secondly, it's funny that some people can bash a woman they don't even know and imply that she is simple minded or unintelligent, yet they are the ones sitting on their computers making rude assumptions about a young mother of 2 that they have never met. Thirdly, it's ridiculous. I'm not a fan of EITHER music, but it's one single line in a song, a title even. There have been many many songs and Album titles all of the world from different artists that have been very similar, if not the exact same. So i just find it pointless.


Britney Spears has never had an ounce of talent, so it's not difficult to understand why she would resort to plagerism


First of all , you musicologists out there , The Bellamy Brothers have had 17 number one records and 56 albums spanning 35 years back to 1976 , when most of you Britney fans were pooping yellow in your diapers ..If you were even born yet . They still tour and just had a #1 album , BBand G in Europe where in Switzerland it was number one for six weeks . Im sure Britney Spears has no idea who they are or who her Daddy was .. However , at least they can play music , sing without protools or auto tuners , and write their own songs .. and last but not least ... why don't you people spend less time listening to the dribble that Britney puts out .. and take a spelling lesson ..


Just because you have no taste in music, doesn't meant the Bellamy Brothers suck. Anyone who likes their ears won't be listening to Brittany's song more than once anyway. They had more than one good song, do some research next time. As for the lyrics? I don't think she ripped them off, I seriously doubt she listens to decent music ever to have heard it.
WTF is "jaloux" ? Please learn to spell phonetically at least.


well ya kno wat i think that the bellamys brothers or watever their name is should jus get ova it!!!! this is the 21 century!!!! things change!!!!


They are old men who would want to steal lyrics from them? By the way I really don't even think Britney spears wrote the song so it should have nothing to do with stealing a corny line.


that is so not true....i dont even know who the whatever brothers are before this news. common they are just trying to gain some fame here. britney is so much better


No comment...


Britney's new single is Awesome! The Belemy brothers only had one hit! As far as I know, Britney had many, many more... They should actually feel greatful for the simalarity in that phrase... The Belemy Brothers suck anyway!!


Omg -.-"
Go britney!! they're just jaloux.. I mean COME ON, have u even heard the song?!


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