Terry Henderson: Worst. Michael. Jackson. Fan. Ever.

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Terrence "Terry" Henderson was a dancer in Michael Jackson's new music video. Some MJ fans are not pleased with his new allegiance to Dr. Conrad Murray.

Henderson met and posed for a photo with Murray - "a nice guy" - last weekend, prompting some serious rage from the Jackson fan group Justice4MJ.

"MJ's family would be horrified to see this picture," the group said.

MJ and Conrad

Henderson, who appeared in MJ's "Hold My Hand" video with Akon, says Dr. Murray (who he ran into and talked to in Santa Monica Sunday) deserves his support.

But Justice4MJ is plain "disgusted" by the "so-called fan" and his actions, adding, "The ill-advised actions of Terrence Henderson do not represent the fan community."

"Now is not the time for forgiveness ... it's the time for justice."

Henderson says he fully supports Dr. Conrad Murray through his "tough legal battle" - he will be tried for involuntary manslaughter - despite his reputation.

Henderson's olive branch is a bold move, considering what a pariah Murray has become since June 2009. Will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with him?

What if Murray is convicted and does time? Will that do the job? What if he were acquitted? MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right? We're just asking.

Anyway, here's the video for "Hold My Hand." Watch for Terry:


radical ideas of kindness, philanthropy, and genius. If you study Michael's life, the scope and breadth of what he gave to the world in his creative and philantropic endeavors, and how he lived his life doing so, is nothing short of astounding, particularly from where he came. If you look at the people who have come out to discuss him since he passed and the stories they have told about him.......everyday people, people he collaborated with, people he met, and people who he worked with........their impressions of him are consistently so different then what was reported about him that it becomes clear that he was an exceptional man who brought the world an exceptional message of unifying love and excellence in everything he did. I encourage anyone who disagrees with these comments to take some time to look beyond court t.v. and access hollywood..........then you will discover the reason why so many millions of people understand the unparalleled scope of what he gave to the world.


Terry "met and posed for a picture" and 5 seconds later, Murray is "a nice guy" and his MURDER of The King of Pop is forgiven, eh? Wonder how Terry would have felt if it had been HIS father laying on a slab because of Dr. Death's gross negligence and greed? Terry is just another VULTURE circling over MJ's corpse to get his 15 mins. of fame for this mess. SHAME ON YOU TERRY! And it's a DOUBLE shame that MJ had to die before people would believe he had vitiligo and that he's no pedofile. This is an awful injustice to a GREAT black man who made MILLIONS happy with his music and charity.


I'd take a fan over a hater any day. At least the kid knows how to forgive, just like MJ told us too.


If you think MJ was a pedofile after all of the information that has come out after his death then you are a fool. Two years after his death and NOBODY has come forward backing up your claims. Yea, Michael jackson was evil LMAO! Comparing him to Hitler...


Michael Jackson fans are very loyal yet very delusional people. I don't understand why the Jackson estate is trying to make a scapegoat out of the very man that Wacko Jacko insisted on taking care of him? PS - What about the children that Jacko gave "Jesus Juice" to? Where is their justice? And please don't respond that Jacko didn't do anything to children because where there is smoke there is usually fire.
Oh and he did settle out of court with multiple families. That is a fact. To me, an innocent man with such heavy charges against him would go to trial instead of simply pay massive sums of money to the children's families to drop the charges. PSS - Jacko was a legendary entertainer but he was also a pedofile. Just because he was good at dancing doesn't mean that he wasn't a horrible person. To put it in perspective, Hitler was a very talented painter but was also a very evil man.


Henderson's just another liar looking for a way to get his name in the headline


this site is as moron as tmz!you both are full of HYPOCRICY!
sincerely.. MotherFuckers y'all medialoids!!!!

Free britney

@whatever - How exactly did THG, which was founded in 2006, and only covered Jackson sporadically from 2006-2009, as he was mostly out of the limelight, drag him through the mud ALL HIS LIFE? Please, do explain. As for this story, all we did was suggest that perhaps MJ himself wouldn't condone this kind of vitriol. Not sure how that's hypocrisy.


LMFAO AT THE HYPOCRISY RIGHT THERE. Stupid dumb ass site such as this one, brought Michael Jackson's name through the mud - ALL HIS LIFE. Now you wanna remember him as someone who preached love and forgiveness ? Sincerely, fuck y'all.


what a stupid story who gives a sh**

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