Teen Moan: Vivid Makes Pitch to Amber Portwood

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Vivid Entertainment took a brief time out from courting Octomom to offer another troubled star financial relief via a career in porn. It's what they do.

The adult film kingpin, helmed by CEO Steve Hirsch, is in talks Amber Portwood. Teen Mom ruined her life, she says. Now Vivid wants to save it.

Amber Screams

“We’d very much like to work with Amber and to accommodate her any way we can,” Hirsch said. Hopefully he throws in some Red Bull and vodka.

Amber Portwood, porn star? Don't rule it out.

It’s been an expensive year for Amber. She's facing two felony counts and one misdemeanor in conjunction with beating her baby daddy on Teen Mom.

The deal with Vivid is estimated to be worth $500,000 and would give newly single Amber a way to pay her legal bills. It would also be kinky as $hit!

Come on. Is there a more pleasurable way to earn enough for a five-year supply of Wal-Mart clothes, cheap spray tanner and bail money, all in just a few hours?

We think not. Just don't cast Gary Shirley as her co-star, Vivid. Please.


Some of you are ridiculous. I can tell the people saying leave her alone are females under age 25. This is the real world people. Just because youre hardup on cash doesnt mean porn should be your saving grace. Thats exactly why chicks act so f'ed up now..they use sex as a weapon because they know they can make an easy living being a whore. Have some ethical responsibility and stop pandering this kind of behavior just because shes young and dumb. She knows better and so do you. She was every bit the unfit parent gary is and the world doesnt need yet another d level celeb milking money and airtime. I swear yall would crucify a dude if he hit a girl on tv but the other way around is deemed as just fine..thats called a double standard


Wow thats the fake belly i even seen


Like who cares about amber and what she is doing..She isnt anything specail,Yes she needs help and no she doesnt need to bring another baby into this world.


Is it just me or does that not look like a recent photo of her? As well if it is a recent photo of her thats a big belly i thought she wasn't pregnant again?


looks photoshopped..and grodyy


I suppose all the previous posts came from perfect ppl. It seems they have made all the right decisions and would have nothing to hide if the camera was on them. Maybe that's why they watch Amber because their life is so boring! Get a life and make a positive impact instead of throwing your lame opinions around, honestly would anyone want to watch you have sex and how many children have you raised on your own?


i think people need to leave her alone and let her live her life and make mistakes and learn from them. messing up is the best way to learn. i hope she find a small crap to walk through to get on the right path and make a good life for her and her kids. I watched her on teen mom she tried to be a good mom. at least shes not like some moms and just dont try. i think gary was just to lazy and amber needs to find a good bf that will help her with the kids and help her git where she needs to be. i dont think teen mom ruined her life but shes done wrong a evidently the people following this story think "famous" people should be perfect but they are human. shes just made bad decisions. shes young and has time to change.


honestly i think they need to leave her the heck alone....being a teen mom is not easy,trust me i know first hand, the only reason she is getting put in all the tabloids is cuz she hit her bf when she was on teen mom...no1 is friggin perfect..seeing all this is starting to make me sick...leave the damn girl alone, there are worse mothers out there!!!


I never heard of this girl before but I hope she does it. Octomom too.


eww thats disgusting she is a fat ugly bitch i feel do bad 4 her baby she has a horrible mom...?


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Amber and Leah (Teen Mom)
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