Ted Williams Mug Shots, Arrest Records: Released

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

The homeless man with a golden voice has admitted that drugs and alcohol played a role in many mistakes, but The Smoking Gun has now come out with specifics regarding various arrests and citations.

Ted Williams Mug Shot

The rap sheet for Williams includes theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

As recently as July 2010, a businessman called the cops on this Brooklyn native and a female friend who refused to leave the premises. He told authorities that Williams had become an "ongoing problem" and that the woman often got "dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles."

Williams told Matt Lauer this week that his life "went to pits" and that he hopes he'll take advantage of this second chance. But if it's more like a seventh chance, many critics might believe Williams doesn't deserve it. What do you think?


Way to go, Ted. Give this man the benefit of the doubt. I hope he goes far with his second chance.


These are haters that have to try and keep this man down while he is getting up. Guess what...you have no control it is in God's hands now and nothing you can do about it.


I am very proud of Ted Williams, I hope he does a outstanding job for himself, Sounds like he really deserve it. You go Ted.


I agree with you Carlos. Ted has never lied about his past. The things he was arrested for are typical for a drug user. Now he's trying to be different and people refuse to let the past go.


you guys are assholes

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