Ted Williams Mug Shots, Arrest Records: Released

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

The homeless man with a golden voice has admitted that drugs and alcohol played a role in many mistakes, but The Smoking Gun has now come out with specifics regarding various arrests and citations.

Ted Williams Mug Shot

The rap sheet for Williams includes theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

As recently as July 2010, a businessman called the cops on this Brooklyn native and a female friend who refused to leave the premises. He told authorities that Williams had become an "ongoing problem" and that the woman often got "dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles."

Williams told Matt Lauer this week that his life "went to pits" and that he hopes he'll take advantage of this second chance. But if it's more like a seventh chance, many critics might believe Williams doesn't deserve it. What do you think?

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I am just amazed that so many commenters think that everyone has sined. Heck... my only sin is hanging out here!!! So, there you have it!!! P.S. STFU


Bottom line is every single person deserves a chance at living a full life. Living doesn't come with instructions, We stumble and even fall completely along the way but for those who have the will and courage to get back up and go back at it definitely deserve as many chances necessary to get it right. There is no such thing as a perfect human being according to society but I beg to differ. I believe its our imperfections that make us perfect human beings. I love the fact that we are all different in our own ways, others wise the world would be a pretty boring place.
I wish this guy nothing but the best. I just hope he can deal with his new reality and continue to stay drug and alcohol free. The whole world is watching and I'm sure there's lots of people waiting to say I told you so. Ted Williams please show the world a man can change for the better regardless of the negative things that went on in his past if given the opportunity.


I hope he can turn his life around. Everyone has their share of poor decisions, but then again everyone deserves another chance. I wish him the very best.


Wow i cant believe that anyone would wish this man anything but good luck.Movie stars and music stars are always in the news for there poor choices.God is giving him another chance at life I hope he runs with it and becomes all that he can be. Everybody makes mistakes some more than others thats just the way things happen in life there is no book on how to do it right we just have to figure that out for ourselves when we figure that out is left to fate. I wish you all the luck in the world as you embark on your new journey.


@beth: As the article writer, allow me to respond: I haven't said anywhere that Williams does not deserve a chance. This is a rather huge gossip story and I simply reported it, as The Huffington Post, People, The Smoking Gun, etc. have all done. I can say that I find the total and complete support of Williams a bit interesting. As a couple readers have pointed out, contrast that with the vitriol in the direction of Michael Vick. I'd also be curious how many of these defenders would have stopped to give Williams money on the side of the road when he pan handled? Or stop regularly to help the poor?
It's not that Williams doesn't deserve another chance, it's the odd combination of our celebrity-obsessed culture and this individual that I find fascinating. If Williams was interviewed on the street, and his speech was slurred and he asked for another chance, would everyone be as quick to give it to him?


Hahaha you people make me laugh, most of you are stupid... Anyway, I'm glad to see someone that has screwed up his life gets another chance to make it right. It was LUCK that got him noticed (nothing else) so let's see if he uses the chance wisely. And did it ever occur to you morons that the writer of this article wasn't bashing on this man, they were just relaying the information.


@sk: to answer your question, Williams stole from parked cars in a Home Depot. That's at least one crime we know of where he hurt other people.
No one is saying he doesn't deserve another chance - but do you really not see the hypocrisy in everyone here defending Williams SO ardently, and yet (as you just proved) instantly dismissing Vick, who served his time and didn't even commit a crime against other people?


I believe everyone deserves a second, third or seventh chance....


Happy New Year and a new start for Mr. Williams. We will all be hearing his voice for a while. Good that his mother was united with her son. Best of luck to Mr. Williams and his family.


If it were you, mr. article writer, you'd want another chance.