Ted Williams Mug Shots, Arrest Records: Released

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

The homeless man with a golden voice has admitted that drugs and alcohol played a role in many mistakes, but The Smoking Gun has now come out with specifics regarding various arrests and citations.

Ted Williams Mug Shot

The rap sheet for Williams includes theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

As recently as July 2010, a businessman called the cops on this Brooklyn native and a female friend who refused to leave the premises. He told authorities that Williams had become an "ongoing problem" and that the woman often got "dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles."

Williams told Matt Lauer this week that his life "went to pits" and that he hopes he'll take advantage of this second chance. But if it's more like a seventh chance, many critics might believe Williams doesn't deserve it. What do you think?

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Why when there are so many hard working honest people out there looking for work, would a known criminal be given all of these great opportunities. He chose his life and is now be reward for those choies. I feel this takes away from the average person who has worked hard to climb the ladder in work and life. This is demeaning! Why not a chance for a hrad working American who plays by the rules..


What an inspiring story! Congratulations Ted Williams. I wish you the best.


How many people here would rather be pursuing their dream job, but chose to be responsible adults and take care of their children? It's not that people don't deserve second or third chances... it's that America loves showering the wrong people with attention: athletes, movie stars, politicians, the internet flavor of the week... And what's better than that? One that's in rehab - going to rehab or just gotten out of rehab. I wish the guy luck, but I still say he should have to work hard just like everyone else.


Only in AMERICA How Great it is to all of the People in Need and Believe!


Everybody deserves a chance at life! I have yet to meet the perfect person. So what the man feel on hard times, anyone can gt life back on track. Besides, he already set a deal with Kraft - I say "You Go Boy"!


God is good,and this man i pray will have all he's ever dreamed of,and more.God heard his cries and listened!Everyone deserves a second chance in life! His sweet lil mother is 92 and lived to see what she has probably been praying for ,for years! We need to hear more stories like this one. Way to go Ted! I'm praying for you dude.


We all deserve however as many chances it takes to get it together. Drugs and alcohol addiction is a powerful disease. I just hope that the guy is sincere and I wise him the best of luck.


@ Terri - Prove it!!!


Everyone deserves a chance to get it right and this may be Mr. Williams chance. None of us are without sin. That means you too d-bo419. As humans, we were born into sin. The only one that's perfect is the God we serve. You go Mr. Williams and do your thing. Your only judge is God.


evrbdy dsrvs another chance.... n hope he knows how to take advntge of what it..