Ted Williams Mug Shots, Arrest Records: Released

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

The homeless man with a golden voice has admitted that drugs and alcohol played a role in many mistakes, but The Smoking Gun has now come out with specifics regarding various arrests and citations.

Ted Williams Mug Shot

The rap sheet for Williams includes theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

As recently as July 2010, a businessman called the cops on this Brooklyn native and a female friend who refused to leave the premises. He told authorities that Williams had become an "ongoing problem" and that the woman often got "dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles."

Williams told Matt Lauer this week that his life "went to pits" and that he hopes he'll take advantage of this second chance. But if it's more like a seventh chance, many critics might believe Williams doesn't deserve it. What do you think?

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@tiredofted - there is no such number as NIVE. Also, he wouldn't have had to interview, he would have had to audition, and quite frankly his voice is amazing!! Even if they did audition others, they most likely would have hired him, the companies know what they are looking for. Plus, The whole whirlwind story is great for marketing. @vera - who made you judge and jury? I bet you aren't perfect. I personally think it is great that he was willing to stand on a corner and work for his dime, even if it was just saying a few words in his "Golden Voice".
He has always been honest about his checkered past, but that is exactly what it is, PAST. I am a huge fan and sincerely hope it works out for him. I think it's really sad that people can't be happy for him and wish him well, there is no need for negativity. We should be supporting him and encouraging him. TEAM TED!


oh and btw, good luck to the guy, whatever. to me its more about the companies that use these types of situations to sell something than it is about the people they use. but he should payback with kraft mac and cheese. how about this, all the profits kraft makes on mac and cheese starting with the mr. golden-voice campaign, they donate to soup kitchens around the u.s. to help feed the homeless. okay, if they do that, i will buy some. bet they wont and they certainly don't have to.


the thing to me is, when this story first broke, it came across like this man was a down on his luck homeless, undiscovered talent. it does not appear that way to me now. homeless by consequences of his choices and actions, and actually well known in his community for his voice. for me, not speaking for anyone else, i think kraft is gross for using this guy to hawk mac and cheese, and there action makes me not want to buy that product, store brand is cheaper anyway. often when crimes are committed, the victims are forgotten, i hope mr. golden voice mans up and repays everyone he stole from. maybe he can send them cases of kraft mac and cheese. maybe kraft mac and cheese can be the product that represents theft and robbery. it does to me already.


Ted Williams' story is about redemption and helping someone who has a checkered past overcome their demons to become a productive member of society. So the fact he has a felony record is not something that makes him irredeemable at all. The media is simply looking for the flipside of a positive story, that's it. Everyone who's trying to tear down Ted is just a hater. And haters gonna hate.


Haters!!!! Leave that Man Alone!!! No one is Perfect unless you are Jesus. Then if you are not him STOP JUDGING only He Can!!!!!!


Hollywood Gossip, you really couldn't resist being negative assholes, could you?


This article is a commentary on our society. We are conditioned to know that within a couple of days (at the most) of a wonderful story, there will be someone stepping forward to tear the person down. I'm thankful that a homeless man who has been a public nusance and a criminal can be turned into a productive member of society. Now, if we could just multiply this story a few thousand more times over, then we'd really have something.


Who are we to say he doesn't deserve another chance... We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect! And we would not want people to give up on us or judge us so why should we do that to him?? We dont know him!


All I know is that this guy has real talent and a voice that most of the guys in the radio would dream to have. Everybody does deserve more opportunities. Being an addict makes you do things, a drug addiction is a disease, he didn't wanted to be that way. What matters is that he wants to change and he is doing It.


It's one thing to offer the guy a 'chance' to change his life. How about having him be interviewed like anyone else for a job? Does the Cleveland CAVS offer to pay a mortgage for all of their other employees? I think not. I'm already tired of hearing about him. He was homeless, now he has a chance to change his life now how about everyone else move along with theirs? It was reported he has NIVE kids and has grandkids and if NONE of them was willing to take him off he streets, being he IS their Father, then there is much more to this than is being reported. I can't imagine NINE kids allowing their Father to beg on the streets. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, when we all find out it's all a scam...just wait, it's coming.