Taylor Swift Releases "Back to December" Music Video: Watch Now!

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She may still be smarting from her recent split, but Taylor Swift has reason to smile today: fans are loving the official music video for "Back to December."

Singing the ballad from locations such as a bed and a bathtub, the artist appears heartbroken over a break-up. No, she isn't crooning about Jake Gyllenhaal. And, yes, we know there are rumors that this song was written with Taylor Lautner in mind.

But who really cares? Just sit back and enjoy the following video on its own merits...

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Ahh, Speak Now is a permanent rxitufe in my CD player and when it does get a break, it is often replaced by one of her previous albums. I LOVE her for every reason you described. She evokes that feeling of giddiness and heartache that we have all felt. Enchanted is also my favorite song who doesn't remember that overwhelming feeling of excitement, wonder, and the inability to stop smiling at the sheer thought of your new crush (Yes Clay, I still feel it every day cough cough . Taylor is real brand or no brand she has a genuine heart. It radiates in her interviews and songs you can't fake that. Ok, I could go on and on but I too love Taylor and the way she makes me feel with her music.


I Think You A Prettie Preitie Wife.


Take a pill and choke on it


Don't go around talking about what you don't know because I'm pretty sure your friend isn't best buddies with Taylor or the jonas brothers, so "lyao" is not applicable because no one of vital importance confirmed she was writing songs about what your little hollywood crushes did to her. Taylor is amazing, beautiful, and real. Get over your insignificant self and stop talking about stuff you dont know anything about.


And I agree with Matt burm


Oh and Britney spears SUCKS!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that :)


Ok she is the best singer in the world, most of this all I know she's NOT on drugs if she saw this, I hope she writes. a song about you all who hates her or doesn't like her. Your just jealous because she has dated guys that you have a crush on.


OK you all need to chill.. you cant judge somebody you don't know.. and look up slut before you use it she is very far from being a slut.. and unless you know her personally and she has told you who the song is actually about stop talking shit.. and i see a few of you say, "you hope she doesn't get back with Taylor L. cause you care for him" do u even know him? i could care less if you don't like her everyone is entitled to there own opinion.. including me..


Do any of you realize she wrote the song before she was with Jake. Who's dumb now. Just because se dates guys doesn't make her a slut. It means she doesn't want to setle on just one because she's only 21. Not tht I'm her biggest fan, but you guys only bash her because she is dating guys you have crushes on. None of you will ever date them anyway, so get over it.


i agree with you not a good video she is a sluy she writes about joe jonas did to her now she is righting about what jake g did to her one the phone when i heard that i was lmao so hard she uses guys to write songs and she can't sing at all i say britney is the best is going be the best and have the all time best video go britney