Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: How Did It End?

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He was older and he hated the attention.

Those were the reasons cited by sources for Jake Gyllenhaal's decision to split with Taylor Swift after a few weeks of dating.

But the latest issue of Us Weekly claims to have all the real scoop on the break-up, highlighted by this supposed fact: Jake dumped Taylor over the phone!


If true, this would mark the second time Swift has received sad news in such a manner. Joe Jonas (in)famously broke her heart with a 27-second call a couple years ago.

Taylor on Us

How is Taylor taking the split? Not well.

At last week's People's Choice Awards, a friend says the singer “was not her usual bubbly self. She didn’t eat anything, seemed very sad and definitely wasn’t having a good time."

At one point, Taylor found Selena Gomez and reportedly and said to her: ‘It’s so good to see you. I need a friend tonight.’”


*headache. See? At least when I don't spell something right I correct myself so it makes since!


I agree w/ say it so... You people need to learn to type! I got a hradache trying to read some of these comments. Taylor is a young woman trying to figure herself out so shut up & let her do it her own way u jealous people!


Some of you really need to read before you post to see if you actually made a coherent sentence... And learning how to spell wouldnt hurt either


Not suprised! But I do think its weird that ALL the guys break up with her maybe she's clingy in a relationship...certainly seems that way since her relationships don't last for more than a couple of months after the "getting to know you" phase ends in the relationship. I can't believe she fucked john mayer though...GROSS! But anyways I would listen to her music more if all her songs weren't about how a guy left her. She needs to get the fuck over it!


Ummm...i wonder wat's the real prob wid taylor.? Now saying that evry guy is douche to be breaking up with her wud b a statement coming out of one hell of a stupid sucker! Jake is known to be a very nice person and so r joe and taylor! I honestly loathe her songs. I can sing better dan her and iam an amateur, but I dnt hate taylor. I lyk her as a celebrity and liked couple of songs 4m her last album, didnt buy ths 0ne. So wat iam wondering is that y can't anybdy last widg gr 4 more dan a mnth. Jake was older bt joe was her age and taylor, a younger one. Iam her age but I dnt relate with her songs, cuz they r always whining abt hw A guy duznt treat u wel blah blah. U dnt need to b so dependent on a guy. Just live ur lyf!:p


she isn't a slut and she writes song that have nothing to do with love but she is a song writer who writes from the heartt. get over it and stopp dising her alreadyy lets see you write a hit song. JERKS


Taylor is so pretty (:
every guy that dates her is stupid for leavinggg.
John was too old and so was jake, she shouldn't date famous guys thoughh.
maybe she should tryy guys her own age, but then again maybe she's to mature for them.. I am I song writer myself, and I write songs about my break ups most girls do it's a wayy to cope.
don't talk mess about that it's like kidds telling they're bf/gf that how they feel. (:
i'm sixteen and find easier to write someone a song to tell them I like them(:


Hahaha...im sorry for the guys that date her....every time she goes out with them for like 3 months(wonder why THEY'RE the ones who break up with her...)after they go out they brake up she makes a "hit" song everyone thinks shes so innocent blah blah blah...and the circle of life for her stars again...


ok just rad about their break up im lmao well here we go agian she is going make a hit song about him breaking up with her on the phone just like she did with joe jonas i feel sorry about jake because he is going be in the song by in the fall when her next album coming out see what i told yall she use guys to just make a hit songs she is noting more then a slut?

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