Take That: Elizabeth Edwards Cut John Out of Will

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Talk about a parting shot. Elizabeth Edwards cut her estranged, cheating husband John out of her will less than a week before passing away.

Elizabeth, who died last month after a courageous battle with breast cancer, left everything in her sole possession to their three children.

Cate Edwards, a 28-year-old lawyer and the pair's eldest child, was named as the executor of her mom's will, according to Inside Edition.

John Edwards was not mentioned even once in the document.

PERSONA NON GRATA: John probably had this one coming.

Edwards, who was 61, signed the document on December 1 - six days before she passed at her home in Chapel Hill, N.C., succumbing to breast cancer.

She and John were married for 33 years, but were estranged by the end after his affair and love child with Rielle Hunter - which he lied profusely about, and took place as Elizabeth was terminally ill and he was running for U.S. President.

Yup, that'll pretty much do a marriage in.

Don't worry, though. John being cut out of the will, while deserved, was symbolic for the most part. He and his $25 million net worth will be fine. How long you think until he and Rielle tie the knot? With this guy? A year max.


Good For Her May She Rest In Peace May that be a lesson for all disgusting men who would do that to a women who was battling breast cancer.


Good one, Liz!!! NOW you can R.I.P.


May the memories of Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards always be a source of comfort for her family and friends!!


Too bad you can't "cut your spouse out" of a will in North Carolina. If the spouse is left nothing, they can take whats called an elective share, which allows the surviving spouse to take roughly a 1/3 of the estate or choose what was left them in the will (in this case noting).


too bad she couldn't have taken his 25 million too. Then we would see how much longer his mistress would want him if he was broke. He is disgusting.


What an untter *unt!


Fuck yeah woman! Take THAT you douche bag!! NOw you can marry that whore of yours and move on and no one will care what you do now.

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