Take That: Elizabeth Edwards Cut John Out of Will

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Talk about a parting shot. Elizabeth Edwards cut her estranged, cheating husband John out of her will less than a week before passing away.

Elizabeth, who died last month after a courageous battle with breast cancer, left everything in her sole possession to their three children.

Cate Edwards, a 28-year-old lawyer and the pair's eldest child, was named as the executor of her mom's will, according to Inside Edition.

John Edwards was not mentioned even once in the document.

PERSONA NON GRATA: John probably had this one coming.

Edwards, who was 61, signed the document on December 1 - six days before she passed at her home in Chapel Hill, N.C., succumbing to breast cancer.

She and John were married for 33 years, but were estranged by the end after his affair and love child with Rielle Hunter - which he lied profusely about, and took place as Elizabeth was terminally ill and he was running for U.S. President.

Yup, that'll pretty much do a marriage in.

Don't worry, though. John being cut out of the will, while deserved, was symbolic for the most part. He and his $25 million net worth will be fine. How long you think until he and Rielle tie the knot? With this guy? A year max.

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Oh shut it geeez, a will is suppose to be a WILL. what else is there to go blabbering about? its her damn will! thats it.


She didn't leave him anything because she didn't owe him anything. She gave him three children and thirty three years. He committed adultery and broke her heart. She sent a clear message by cutting him out. KICK ROCKS JOHN! A big Colorado boulder at that! He who laughs last laughs best. AH HA. But whoremungers and adulterers he will judge!


WHO in gods name is defending this jack ass...no matter what the relationship was he didnt need to cheat on his wife with that whore and have a child...how humane is that,,just because he was running ..doesnt give him the right to do whatever he wants..at least he could've waited until his wife of 33 years was dead.. He is a cheating piece of crap and i hope his kids find out ALL THE TRUTH about him and the things he did...his 25 million will not buy forgivness...I am so happy Elizabeth took him out of her will. i dont think any of you would like to find out that your spouse cheated on you and had another child...whould you like it...dont think so....he should have his jewels chopped...he had no respect for his wife and for his family that stood by him thru thick and thin...


Remember before you crap on John, you dont no the facts of their relationship there is always two sides to a quarter.And I am hope their children dont read all this posts their in enough pain already.


I really have to say John has made a complete ASS of himself as anyone could---and to think he EVEN thought he could touch the
presidency (which does show the lowered caliber. Lucky for all
of us he not be our leader.) I don't see how he could have embarassd himself more and his poor children (with Elizabeth) are
standing clear. The "other" woman could not even stay hidden by posing in only a man's shirt open to here with the child of such
pain during the pain and suffering before the death of Mrs. John
Edwards. What kinds of cold bones and heart lays there? John, do yourself another better and marry her to have someone to talk to. Some people will do anything for money! Some people have no shame! Elizabeth will long be thought of as a Saint!


DISGUSTING!!! How do you get the nerve to cheat on your terminally ill wife!! This guy is such an A**!!! Good for her for cutting him out!! He deserved it! Go burn in hell John Edwards!


He got exactly what he deserved!


What goes around, comes around. Sometimes it takes awhile, but all dogs get theirs in the end....


Im glad she left anything that was hers to her children. They are the ones that deserve what was their mother. I think by not mentioning John in her will was very kind of her. For what he did to their marriage I would of had some choice last words from him. May her spirit soar on in her children. R I P


What do you expect Johnny? Running around on your gravely ill wife with 2 small kids to support? Elizabeth does not want that tramp to get a dime of her money that belongs her kids Johnny!!I would not want her to have a dime either after what she done! Plus Johnny has his own money Druck-you can get it from your sugar daddy!At least ELizabeth is smart enough to have fixed the will.

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