Steve Harvey Responds to Ex-Wife's Claims

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Steve Harvey is no longer letting his lawyer do his talking.

A few days after the comedian's first wife, Mary Harvey, unleashed a verbal, videotaped assault against him, the best-selling author has spoken out against the allegations that he cheated on her and turned the couple's son against her.

"I know the truth," Harvey said. "My son is coming into the room crying. And that's what hurts me, why you would do this. And I don't even understand the purpose. I mean, I got you're mad, but [she's talking about] 12 years ago. That's what we're doin' now?"

Steve and Mary got married 1996 and divorced nine years later. Son Broderick was born in 1997 and Steve has since remarried.

"The truth's gonna come out," Harvey said. "Because once you go public, you allow people to start asking questions... I'm just more concerned about my son, who I have total custody of. He doesn't deserve the questions."

Harvey concluded by referring to Mary's rant as being full of "lies," but said he won't reciprocate by going into similar detail in public. The reason? That's still his child's mother.

"And I'm his father," the actor said. "And it's my job to raise him right."

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Hello Dan Brother, you are smart. I was a Steve Harvey fan, but now I am not, he is no longer funny to me. I am a mother myself and I can't imagine the horror of living without my child, a child needs it birth mother if she is willing and available, they need each other that is a bond like no other. and you are right a vengeful woman would have never used his attorney. She trusted he would do the right thing, oh my god he is a pig. You are right those books are ages of common sense, but sense a man with power stated we saw the humor, and we heard the words differently but the same. Thanks for your input.


I am reading the comments and I think that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you and don't use nobody to get ahead and then throw them away. Mary was there for him when he was a nobody, then he got a big head and probably abused her mentally and physically when he started making money. He knew that she was not the smartest person and that she loved him because she gave him everything so he could be successful. That thing that he married who is not God sent by no means was laying in the cut waiting to make her move because her drug dealing men was in prison. Marjorie didn't want Steve 20 years ago when he was poor. It was Mary who neglected herself and family for him. She is broken, scorned, hurt and sick. I pray that she gets her life together and make peace with her son. As far as Steve and his trappy wife, they have to answer only to God.


I honestly beleive Mary should have fought for her son when they went up for a divorce back 6 years ago. No man on this earth would have taken my child from me. I beleive Mary is weak and Steve is a punk. I'm really shocked by this if its true. I thought Steve was more of a man than this....come on Steve you talk a lot of bullsh*t and a good game but you're not a man.


There is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Mary helped build Steve's career and she will be the one to bring it down. Think about it Steve. Don't let your knew wife influence your actions where Mary is concerned. Repent now and do right by Mary before it's too late.


It truly does sound strange. Does she just now miss her son.Is she broke.Why did she wait so long. The devil is busy the moment God showed up slander came out.hummmmmmmmm


What is done in the dark always come to the light no matter how long it takes. I believe Mary's story. I'm not feeling sorry for Steve when he states his son is crying, I feel sorry for their son.Steve Should have been truthful in his book and to his son.We are all human, but it helps when you are truthful especially when you are giving advice on relationships. Being that Steve is a born again christian, did he go back to his ex- wife and apologize or ask for forgiveness? I did not know that he was married so many times, now I know that I won't be purchasing any books of his.I rather buy christian books on marriages and relationships


What a shame for her to do this 12 years later, and for what - to hurt her own child? Shame on her. If it didn't matter 12 years ago, it shouldn't matter now. Praying for the child.


I am woman who has had the wrong man and the right man. I tell the younger women keep your standards high, but yet be the woman who will fight for her man. Now once a relationship is over, nothing should change. Your standards and strength will net you something better. A good man will always want what's best for his children so should the mother. No court in this land would have taken him from her if she sincerely was handling her business and guess what, he wouldn't have taken him from her if she was. Mary get over it, fight for your son the right way and keep your standards high.


well steve harvey has a point there his ex-wife mary harvey shouldn't have put their business out there like that and she shouldnt have bashed him in public either she should have discussed the issue with him instead of wasting time on youtube she should worry about helping herself and do what is best for her and she needs to stand strong and leave the past in the past you cannot change what has happend all you can do is learn from your mistakes and try to be a better person .


Spoken like a true man and a #1 father.