Stepson of NeNe Leakes Asks: What About Us?!?

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NeNe Leakes has apologized to fans for her recent behavior on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But the irritating reality star's stepson has a message for his father's wife: What about us?!?

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Damian Leakes, the 34-year old child of Gregg Leaks, refers to him and his five siblings as the "forgotten side of the family." He whines to Radar Online that NeNe never says a word about them on TV.

“She knows us and she knows we have issues from about 15 years ago and it’s time to address them. She’s become a household name with our last name, but we’re non-existent.”

Before NeNe and Gregg divorce, Damian wants to make a pitch - for his own reality series, of course.

"A TV show could be a building process for Gregg and his kids because no one ever knew he had kids. There’s a lot of healing that needs to go on and a lot of animosity.”

Damian blames NeNe for "the crumbling of our family" and holds nothing back in his assessment of her:

“We think of her as selfish and a center-of-attention freak. She wants all of the attention and this is before a camera ever got on her... She’s ducking and dodging us like a bullet."


how can he b gregs son ,dosen't even look like him lol!!! why should she give him any money that she has worked hard 4 !!! tell him 2 get a job and eran his own money!!!


i have to keep reminding my self this is just t.v. nene thinks everybody is scared of her iguess because she is larger than every one she looks like she could have been a man at one point she loks like she wears about a 15 shoe the only one who seem not to be scared is shree and the singer for got her name .


I wish people would stop putting her on television.She has a awful attitude with everyone and she thinks she is so bad.I think she sucks and acts like a terrible person


Saw this show for the 1st time last week. What a bunch of frienemies. Talk about bitterness, bickering and backstabbing!!

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